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  1. Talk me into a centrifugal

    With the 10R80 and a Centri, every shift will be in the rpm powerband. A Centri and the A10 is such a great match. From a roll it's insane. My car makes right at 800hp on 12 pounds but since this D-1X head unit doesn't make much torque (on purpose), the tires hook up.
  2. Motor mounts

    They are 4 years old and not a mark on them. One of my pics shows a box full of them. I also have another box from the K-member with more of them.
  3. Motor mounts

    I think it's because they made them universal. They use the same bushings on the stock motor mounts, the BMR race motor mounts and another one they have. This way they can sell just one part number.
  4. Motor mounts

    Here are the BMR Urethane Bushings, Steel Bushing Kit (If you want to raise the motor, I did) on a BMR K-Member with stock motor mounts. Untitled by jpjr50, on Flickr Untitled by jpjr50, on Flickr Untitled by jpjr50, on Flickr Untitled by jpjr50, on Flickr
  5. Motor mounts

    I have a Tubular K-Member stock motor mounts with urethane bushings. Just know once you remove the stock rubber motor mount bushings, you'll get driveline vibration. Nobody tells you that, not mentioned in any literature so just beware. Makes sense I know, rubber takes away vibration but...
  6. Stuck on ESS for my DD...can't decide

    Yup, exactly my point. That's the competition for us. He gets out early with the torque and then when my RPM gets up there I easily reel him in and walk by. That's the beauty of a Centri and why I went this way.
  7. Ford Performance Forged crank sprocket.

    I know, most come in a kit not separate. TSS, Boundary, FRPP, MMR sell the sprocket and OPG together. While you're in there replacement stuff.
  8. Do I need 50w oil?

    Hell, I didn't know there would be this much variety in weight. Stock 2018+ shows Motorcraft 5W-20 Synthetic and most used 5W-50 Synthetic on a power adder. Guess this has changed over the years. Good information you all wrote here, interesting.
  9. Handling is Amazing.....But

    I had clunking with all the rear lockout and steel cradle bushings. I have just about all the BMR stuff but as soon as I took the steel bushings out and went back to OEM rubber I was happy. No noise and wasn't so harsh.. I get why people go with steel but for a street car on date night, horrible.
  10. G2 or G3 ESS Supercharger for 2023 Mustang GT

    Get the one you're going to grow into and so you do this just once. That's what I did with my Procharger, went right to the 1100HP capable unit (only making around 800 on a 120MM pulley). I know if I want to really step it up, I don't have to purchase anything else. The ESS also offers the...
  11. Stuck on ESS for my DD...can't decide

    Centri blowers on a Coyote are the best in my opinion. Due to the low torque it produces, traction is obtainable due to where Centri blowers make peak HP and TQ. From a roll, a Centri blower is very hard to beat because of the motor staying in the high RPM. With an auto and all the shifts...
  12. Ford Performance Forged crank sprocket.

    The Ford Performance ones are good. TSS is a great product too. I have Boundary on mine. The stock pieces are junk, mine broke on two drops. Not like that's a real test but there wasn't 500+ foot pounds slamming it down during the drop either like a car would produce. OPG's are good...
  13. Help please installing PP1 Brembo brakes on GT

    I went from Baer Brakes which were total garbo (don't know what I was thinking) to 6-Piston PP1 brakes on my Premium. Probably the best mod other than the Blower and fuel system. Once day I'll change to the rear GT350 knuckles in the back so I can get some real Brembo calipers in the rear...
  14. Boosted only Oil Weight Poll

    Same as the dude who posted: Ford Motorcraft 5W-50 full synthetic motor oil (PN #XL-5W50-QGT).
  15. Best return fuel system

    Mine either, full Fore systems here. Never heard of this.
  16. 2018 Whipple having issues

    Okay, hopefully this guy goes to Lund and gives them the codes and replies as to what they say to him.
  17. 2018 Whipple having issues

    No tuners troubleshoot. They can only read files. They are blind as to what these cars actually have done to them visually other then the info on the ticket. Since all those codes are for low voltage, it's not a tuning issue anyway. Alternator, battery, ground is most likely the culprit...
  18. What cooling options do I have with a procharger kit?

    I ran SCCA for 8 years back in 1996-2004 I ran SCCA for 8 years and totally understand. I haven’t raced my current car, it’s not setup for that. However, after owning 6 Mustangs and 2 SCCA race cars (SN95’s), I am confident that any kind of abuse you’re doing to a supercharged car in this...
  19. What cooling options do I have with a procharger kit?

    You’ll still need the same mods regardless. No stock cooling system can provide proper cooling especially since you’re adding extra heat with the blower. Upgraded radiator, 160 stat, high flow or electric water pump, Water Wetter, fans turned on high early. How are the Brembos on track...