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  1. Carlisle Ford Nationals?

    Anyone gone to Carlisle Ford Nationals recently? If so how was the parking? I went 20+ years ago and one of the few memories I have of it was how bad the parking situation was. Planning to go this year with a buddy. Figure drive into town early Saturday, get a hotel for Saturday night then maybe...
  2. Philadelphia Area Tuners?

    Hello everyone, does anyone know of a good tuner that's somewhat local to Philly? Got a 22 GT that I know at some point I'm gonna strap a blower on but that might be years from now so I'm thinking of slapping on some bolt ons and getting a tune till I save up (and get all the supporting...
  3. Adjusting doors?

    Since I got my car it's always bothered me how the driver door seems to be popped out 1/8 of an inch when closed. Back in the day i'd just loosen the striker and suck it in a bit but the striker isn't the one bolt kind i'm used too. How do I go about adjusting the door in a touch?
  4. Wheel options when handling is top consideration

    I know a million threads have been posted and I've looked over so many of them, my head is spinning. Just want to start my own to help ease my mind. I have a 2022 GT that when the warranty is up i'm gonna toss a lot of suspension goodies plus power mods at. My end goal is to have a really TIGHT...
  5. Decent wheel ramps for oil changes and other maintenance?

    Since I have a nice EP Henry driveway I want to limit the use of my jack stands on it as much as possible. Was thinking of getting some ramps to make oil changes and other under car maintenance a little easier. Was looking at this set but the max lift is 6 and a half inches. Not sure if that's...
  6. Paint correction/Ceramic Coating around Philadelphia

    I'm still on the fence if I'm going to try to do the paint correcting/Ceramic Coat my '22 GT or seek out a shop. Does anyone have a place they can recommend?
  7. Wireless Android Auto Adapter

    Anyone have good results with any of these adapters? Was looking at this one but see mixed results. Was just wondering if anyone on here has tried any of em out.
  8. Have some questions about finding my perfect GT

    I've been wanting to get into a Mustang for a while now, with the flood of information around the new 2024 I figure it's time to jump. Well I took one look at that gauge cluster in the 2024 and after vomiting in my mouth a little I figured I'd go to a local dealer and order a 2023 the way I...