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  1. Amusing Incident

    Yeah they have a special platform that throws the Electric cars off the boat if one of them gets on fire.
  2. 2025 Mustang GTD S650 World Debut 🏁

    Nice little window right behind the driver :like:
  3. 2025 Mustang GTD S650 World Debut 🏁

    I am so in love with this car. It is just perfect!
  4. Carbon trap removal, +18 hp ??

    How is this thread 7 pages now? Pretty simple remove it to get your 10 CRANK hp back (keep the sleeve in will ya?). end of story. :like:
  5. Parking outside

    I would set mouse traps in the engine bay. Better yet maybe even set a camera in there with motion sensor. You will know when those bastards are active in there and since its low traffic area should last a long time with battery power.
  6. 2022 Plastic Engine Cover Removal??

    Myth busters did an episode on this. Any hp loss was negligible due to weight reduction of removing the plastic piece.
  7. Vs. Genesis G70 3.3T

    If it has a V8 I do not hate it :like: But it does look like every other BMW though but I bet this one sounds good at least
  8. Vs. Genesis G70 3.3T

    You realize a Tesla can destroy us off the line? You realize most newer cars are really fast nowadays? A TRUCK (TRX) can take us. There will be always someone faster, if you want to pursue speed the Coyote can easily be boosted and hurt some feelings. In my eyes the Coyote, specially with a...
  9. Carbon trap removal, +18 hp ??

    I removed mine on day 1. So I never got to compare to the stock hydrocrap. But 18WHP seems excessive just for that, well I call it 480hp to the crank just like the 2021 Mach 1 instead of the 470hp. So either the Dyno done by that youtuber was inaccurate OR the 2021 Mach 1 had more than the...
  10. A nice little milestone!

    Awesome so nice to see you driving that awesome Shelby. I don't have a Shelby but my 22 Mach 1 has 24K miles and love it as well.
  11. Dark Horse at Dealership

    Your S650 looks awesome and love the Fox Body! At the end of the day who cares what some internet folks think, we drive what we like. Not long ago Mach 1 was getting all the heat, now the S650 is up. Next will be the S750 👿
  12. Rev happy.

    Actually even if loaded if you hit redline it will do the same. The Coyote revs so freely at one point I hit the limiter by mistake and it just cut power instead of bouncing on the limiter. That is what I am talking about.
  13. Rev happy.

    I understand what you mean. I am not really sure how Ford does it but I just wanted to point out how smooth it is. Just bringing it up in case anyone here knows how it works or if it’s even possible on a boosted application.
  14. Another "Exhaust Mode Selection Not Available"

    Darn. When I got my H-pipe I made sure to cut extra off of it so I could push the piping and muffler back to avoid this issue. You could always do the Steeda or similar H-Pipe to get a nice increase in volume and get a chance to push the exhaust back some :like:
  15. Interesting drag race

    LOL no matter how many times you point the obvious, they just keep finding ways to make the S650 look bad.
  16. Rev happy.

    Wow must rev insane :like: . The Coyote already revs really fast, I never thought of making the flywheel even lighter! I am going to throw something out there. The Mach 1 tune does not allow it to bounce off the rev limiter when you hit redline (it just cuts off fuel - No lift shift feature)...
  17. Dark Horse at Dealership

    Could care less what your eyes see. 🙂 The car is fine (Although I prefer my M1), end of story for me! Super snake looks sexy, needs tweaking thats all.
  18. Dark Horse at Dealership

    My Vision is fine, maybe consider a checkup for your own vision LOL
  19. Dark Horse at Dealership

    LOL The taillights are fine, relax
  20. AC compressor......again....

    Is this more common on the Voodoo? Maybe the higher redline contributes to more compressor failures?