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  1. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    That's some serious kit for wheel cleaning. At first glance I thought it was some sort of at home balancing machine
  2. Carlisle Ford Nationals?

    Just booked everything, very exited. Hope to look at some old Super Coupes, really miss that car lol. Used to be a big poster on TCCOA back in the day.
  3. Carlisle Ford Nationals?

    Maybe ill do that then. Is there a time limit on getting on the field? Was planning on getting into town at like 10a on Saturday. Also, any recommendations on things to do after the show? Bars? Restaurants? Anything cool to see? When I went in the early 2000s I had a 95 Thunderbird Super...
  4. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    That camo wrap is looking fat as hell bro. It's not something i'd do but I love to see wild stuff like that.
  5. Carlisle Ford Nationals?

    I got a almost 100% stock Stang, would feel embarrassed trying to show it lol.
  6. Carlisle Ford Nationals?

    Yeah, driving my Mustang but just as a spectator. Planning to book a hotel this weekend once I get plans nailed down.
  7. Carlisle Ford Nationals?

    Anyone gone to Carlisle Ford Nationals recently? If so how was the parking? I went 20+ years ago and one of the few memories I have of it was how bad the parking situation was. Planning to go this year with a buddy. Figure drive into town early Saturday, get a hotel for Saturday night then maybe...
  8. 2018 GT Daily Track Driver

    Yeah I got a little door. Gonna get that belly pan to go with my 6 piston calipers that I ordered. Looking for a place to powder coat them in grabber blue
  9. PP Strut Tower Brace kit + Cowl Extension + Lower K Brace Install Guide

    Thanks for the info, will just get the Steeda one then
  10. 2018 GT Daily Track Driver

    I might be using the wrong terminology but i'm talking about what is posted here https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/2018-gt-daily-track-driver.185937/page-6#post-3857690 I've been under my car a few times and I for sure don't have big belly pan. I got the little aero plastic that goes...
  11. 2018 GT Daily Track Driver

    Thanks for the reply, guess that's one thing less to worry about. Just gotta add the strut tower brace. I do want to do the Performance Pack Front Control Arm Kit and belly pan though. Seems fairly cheap for the arms, belly pan, and pp2 lip. Might treat myself tonight
  12. PP Strut Tower Brace kit + Cowl Extension + Lower K Brace Install Guide

    Was thinking of buying the Ford Performance strut tower brace over aftermarket ones if only for the style. Does the Ford one have the clearance for a supercharger? Was thinking of adding one later but if it doesn't fit I'll just get a Steedia one or something.
  13. 2018 GT Daily Track Driver

    This thread has been an AMAZING read, thanks for being so detailed. I have a 2022 GT and my car came with the lower K brace but I have the factory 20 inch wheel option which as I understand it means it got the K brace. I'm really intreated in the cowl extension, never new about that till this...
  14. 2022 GT with premium brakes upgrade

    Might have to make a different thread for this but does Ford make a rear caliper rebuild kit? If i'm taking apart the rear caliper to powder coat them i'd want to use new piston seals. I see kit BKCF-36 but that is just a hardware kit and doesn't have the piston seals. I do see CENTRIC 14361038...
  15. 2022 GT with premium brakes upgrade

    They got some good deals, guess caliper bracket is the same from GT 4 pots to performance pack 6 pots?
  16. 2022 GT with premium brakes upgrade

    Was looking at getting a 6 piston kit and powder coating to match my Grabber Blue paint. Still debating if I wanna grab the kit or build my own with stainless brake lines and maybe lighter rotors. The rear brakes are the same till the GT350 right?
  17. Mach One front end? On 15-17.

  18. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    ohhh I might have to get a set to try on my car. They really help with the front end on the refresh cars. Where did you get them?
  19. Philadelphia Area Tuners?

    Thanks for the reply. thier website says thier tuning service stops at YM2021. Maybe they just haven't updated thier listing. Will shoot them an email or something to find out
  20. Philadelphia Area Tuners?

    Hello everyone, does anyone know of a good tuner that's somewhat local to Philly? Got a 22 GT that I know at some point I'm gonna strap a blower on but that might be years from now so I'm thinking of slapping on some bolt ons and getting a tune till I save up (and get all the supporting...