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  1. 2021 Mach 1 - dissatisfied - i need help

    based on your trans issues File a lemon law suit, wont cost you a dime. info for filing is actually in the ack of the manual or at least it used to be, havent checked lately
  2. What's a good ceramic coating for a black car?

    I have also ued Detailing Products(DP) Need For Bead. have also had great results with that. can be applied over any wax or coating. super hydrophobic
  3. What's a good ceramic coating for a black car?

    i have to agree P&S is awesome stuff. it makes black paint look slick and like glass. i just started using it. saw it on clearance for $5 a month ago and decided to try it, i should have bought them out.....lol
  4. What’s this thing?

    No thanks, its the fact that we BULLITT owners paid for that module and didn't get it. not that i want it. there was a post a long time ago about someone getting money back, with an NDA of course.......lol
  5. What’s this thing?

    It's what Ford screwed 2019 BULLITT owners out of!, saying we had FORDPASS access, when we didn't because no modem installed.
  6. Charge or disconnect BATTERY

    I have had battery maintainers crap on me, yes it was 3 year old unit. for that long of storage i would top off the battery and disconnect.
  7. Puddle light.. help!

    Can't be the other side either from the looks. is it aftermarket or from FORD?
  8. How bad is this damage?

    In the US when an insurance company totals out a car, you have the right to buy it back at 20% of their valuation. and do what ever you want with it. piece it out for parts (which can add up to some coin) or have it repaired by who ever you want. i had a 2 month old GT with barely 1K miles on...
  9. 2022 Mach 1 power train noise

    Could be front wheel bearing is bad. jack the car up and try to wiggle the wheel around. if theres play, you found your problem. the dealer is being difficult bring it in or find another Ford dealer to bring it into . no 10 month old car should be making any noises.
  10. Finally, The 2020 Bullitt Production Numbers

    2020's have much lower #'s than 2019 which makes them even more collectable! only 300+ in black hold onto those. 2019 was 800+. COVID did a hurting on production. and you guys will see your cars hold private sale value well. not saying its an investment but they will hold value better than GT's
  11. Should I take it back to the shop and complain?

    if he agrees to replace the springs, ask for the handling springs, since you paid for them and sell them to recoup some of your loses
  12. Should I take it back to the shop and complain?

    If all else fails theres always YELP and BBB you can give a bad review without hurting your buddy at the shop
  13. Voltage dropping

    also injectors
  14. Voltage dropping

    Alternator could be going bad, had the same problem with my '03 cobra. it would do what you are telling when i stuffed my foot in it. And shortly after the alternator finally died. those cars had serious alternator issues though.. Went through 4 alternators till i went with a Nations. never...
  15. What ELSE do you drive??

    HERE YOU GO 1) 2003SVT COBRA CONVERTIBLE 2) 2019 BULLITT 3)2023 F-150 ECOBOOST 3.5L W/ TWINS (IN PIC WITH BULLITT) 4) 2017 CAMRY (no photo why bother)

    Is that RWHP or just HP……….LMAO

    yes, so sorry to see it go too. many Fun Ford weekends were spent there. and still nothing is being done on the property? i'm a hydro-engineer and the water permits were turned back in, so it looks like Amazon and Walmart have pulled out. there were rumors of investors looking at some property...

    i think i should just start a new thread "won't sell or trade my car for any reason"

    I would say James and Lund are 2 of the most reputable tuners out there and they have both been next door. Once gain main subject derailed. There both close enough