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  1. Revving your car with your stock remote?

    Thanks man
  2. Revving your car with your stock remote?

    Just curious what you replaced it with and how much did it run you? I'm thinking of doing the same.
  3. AC compressor......again....

    Feel your pain. Went through this with my '16 GT. Thankfully it was still under warranty. Hoping to have no issues with my '22 GT 🤞🏽
  4. Piss poor job washing my car, and it showed… 1st wash of the season

    Sounds like a good method. Do you have a ceramic coating on your car?
  5. s550 alignment reccommendations

    Nice ride. Are those S650 headlights?
  6. Camaro Clown vs Trees

    Camaro Clown vs TREES... "Squirrely." Well played 😄
  7. Farley rules out all-electric Mustang

    Appreciate the feedback
  8. Mustang GT. What RPM is it okay to Floor it?

    I guess I'm one of those "drooling apes" 🤣
  9. Farley rules out all-electric Mustang

    Thoughts? Apologies if this is old news but it's new to me 😁 https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1143207_ford-ceo-rules-out-electric-mustang-but-says-new-body-styles-possible#:~:text=%E2%80%9COne%20thing%20I%20can%20promise,would%20be%20right%20for%20Mustang.%E2%80%9D
  10. AC died and almost started a fire

    Yep. Had those AC issues with my '16 GT that was thankfully covered under my extended warranty. So far so good with my '22 GT 🤞🏽🙏🏽😁
  11. My beauty is gone...

    I hear ya on the happiness part. Enjoy!
  12. My beauty is gone...

    YOUR happiness means something too, it's not always about the wife's. Go get you another GT! 😁
  13. Well played, spider. 🕷️

    That ain't no little guy! 😯🤣
  14. Passenger side bumper- headlight

    Gotta love that good ole Ford fitment!
  15. Spare tire - Dead weight or haul it along?

    I JUST ordered the spare kit for my '22 the other day as I had a few flats with my '16 and just having the sealant kit. Gives me peace of mind now 😄
  16. Hot air in pedal box area

    Had this same issue with my '16 GT. After prolonged driving I would notice the driver's side lower leg area would heat up. Definitely felt as if I had the heater on. Only really had issue a few times during the 6 years I had her so I didn't really stress about it. Have since traded in for '22...
  17. trunk key stopped working

    Bring it in to the dealership
  18. Adjusting doors?

    Gotta love that Ford fitment 🙄