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  1. Pressure Washer for "Foam Cannon"

    We got a sunjoe electric version. Came with all the foam cannon accessories. Got it on a Black Friday sale for about 80 bucks. Has been perfect for the job.
  2. Getting rid of stang for raptor? Need input!

    Had a gen 2 raptor and now a trx, the trucks are great family haulers. Have 3 kids and the practicality is amazing. All this “doesn’t fit around town” is laughable, I have never thought oh wow I can’t drive down this road. Found myself wanting to drive the trx more than my Bullitt. Granted it...
  3. Catless Question (not sound related)

    you will throw a cel, won’t be detrimental As long as that’s the only mod. Not doing tune required intake exhaust and other combos. But if your car blows up the safe answer is to say tune it when you put parts on lol
  4. Catless Question (not sound related)

    The cats are part of the headers now, one side Is a single piece the other is bolted I believe. If you buy just cat deletes cutting and clamps or preferably welding will be involved. Shops will do it, just have to find the right one.
  5. Windshield tint/should I?

    Car looks great! Just so you know 30% is nowhere close to clear. The percent refers to the amount of light it allows through. Any percentage between 31 and 99 will be lighter than yours.
  6. Bama Tunes bad rap....

    My 13 had them on for 3 ish years and 40K miles, my 16 was about 2 years and 20K….. reported back now what????
  7. Bama Tunes bad rap....

    I used them on my 13 and 16, zero complaints.
  8. New Loud Exhaust Law

    No I literally meant that when In track mode the car is too loud for the noise tests. Which is why the disclaimer “track use only” pops up on the screen.
  9. New Loud Exhaust Law

    Just to throw this out there… even the exhaust in 100% stock form is “too loud” if it’s in track mode.
  10. 5 New GT500 Stolen From the Flat Rock Plant. Leads Police on Car Chase

    it is not the punishment of the committed crime that's the issue. Its actually getting a conviction on that crime, and then getting that punishment. Classic example that happened in the county I worked in a previous life Same judge same month Person 1- no criminal history. First ever offense...
  11. 5 New GT500 Stolen From the Flat Rock Plant. Leads Police on Car Chase

    Between the hundreds of employees coming and going between shifts, getting in and out of a car plant is not a hard thing to do. keys are generally left in the vehicles for pure ease of logistics.
  12. Bullitt K0730 window sticker

    there are only a few options on the car, a visual check can identify all Recaros- does it have the seats Tech package- does it have the B&O stereo magneride- can you see suspension adjustment in the digital dash/ or do you see the black nipples on the top of the shocks.
  13. It's been a good run!

    She doesn't exactly have much room to talk, she drives the douchiest truck known to mankind!
  14. Quiet Start

    If you get in and decide you want to quiet start at that time. turn on accessories Go to quiet start. Set for time window you are currently in (if it’s 9am set it for 8am-10am) turn off accessories Open door to turn off power Turn car on, should be quiet start.
  15. It's been a good run!

    I have not, I have however been drooling over M5's for years. Always came up with one excuse or another to not get one. Finally the wife said would you just get what you really want and be done with it!
  16. It's been a good run!

    They have a white interior but the thought of keeping it clean would drive me crazy!
  17. It's been a good run!

    Dealer gave me 43. Has 19K miles. I know I could have gotten little more selling outright but the tax savings made the gap smaller.
  18. It's been a good run!

    Its a 2018, found one CPO. hardest part was getting the brown interior, maybe im getting old but the brown interior on these just looks amazing! Has the executive, driving assist, Bowers and wilkins, all three along with the brown makes the search extremely small!
  19. It's been a good run!

    This Sunday the Bullitt will ride off into the sunset, I have loved every mile with it! This will also be the first time in 14 years that we don't have a mustang in the garage. Bittersweet as the car I am replacing it with has been my dream car my entire life. I found the exact spec M5 and...
  20. Vortech dyno bullitt

    400lbft at about 2500 should feel strong rolling around town! Look forward to hearing first impressions