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  1. Cutouts before or after the cats????

    This was an NA setup right? Location would probably matter less on an SC car and probably more on a turbo car. I would like to see those differences. On an NA car, exhaust scavenging matters more so that only fresh "cool" air is in the chamber for ignition. This is probably why there's a...
  2. 2016 Mustang GT - Twin Turbo Hellion Build

    I would echo look at the harnesses ford PCM does not only retard or fuel cut decel only one bank of cylinders. If you are ok with the car the way it is now then I guess it would be ok. We all don't want to see another guy with a fooked engine because of a general oversight.
  3. 2016 Mustang GT - Twin Turbo Hellion Build

    Interesting, never in the other bank?
  4. 2016 Mustang GT - Twin Turbo Hellion Build

    Is it a multiple cylinder misfire or just a single cylinder?
  5. AWD 2017 Mustang GT Conversion

    Any Idea how much power that drive shaft can take? assuredly the front axle and rear half shafts should survive more power since they only have handle half of the power on a launch.
  6. 2016 Mustang GT - Twin Turbo Hellion Build

    Hmm that's some good info. We might just try the 6510's and see what happens. Since we don't have a stock engine I think we might only need about 20 to get a few my HPs out of it.
  7. 2016 Mustang GT - Twin Turbo Hellion Build

    My builder said that he wanted to run 2 ranges colder because we need to see at least 20# to get to the number. We might start at .24 for a gap just so there's not a lot of spark plug fuckery going on. We will run NGK brand only.
  8. 2016 Mustang GT - Twin Turbo Hellion Build

    At what point does one go to 2 heat ranges colder than stock? 15+ PSI?
  9. Carbon fiber or Aluminum driveshaft for a street car?

    Funny thing is that OEM cars have Carbon Driveshafts, haven't heard of a Z or a GT500's driveshaft failing at all..
  10. Returnless Fuel KPM 1500hp/PWM Install

    @DougS550 Are both sides of the tank a canted design for the hats?
  11. Carbon fiber or Aluminum driveshaft for a street car?

    Must be a vagifornia thing
  12. Carbon fiber or Aluminum driveshaft for a street car?

    ? Dunno what you're talking about... I don't do year long or monthly beef. The conversation has long since been dead in my mind good sir.
  13. Jxb Performance Carrier bearing upgrade

    They certainly found the most rusty driveshaft around...
  14. Carbon fiber or Aluminum driveshaft for a street car?

    Even if the car doesn't pole vault it will destroy the trans tunnel
  15. Why Do I Get A Trojan Virus Alert on Mustang7G

    I use a browser that block scripts. you should do the same. stay safe
  16. Boosted on stock 2.5" exhaust

    Also, on a turbo setup, the turbo itself is a restriction. The restrictions caused by the turbine housing size and turbine design plays a role on spool and needed exhaust piping diameter requirements. This is why you see tiny turbos on Ecoboost V6s that spool very quickly and are limited on...
  17. Boosted on stock 2.5" exhaust

    Well that's the thing, I don't think many of us will do that kind of testing because it's expensive. You would need to run back to back testing in a pretty short amount of time. Most of us would just install everything then run it. If it's that important for him to know he can do it...
  18. Boosted on stock 2.5" exhaust

    This fucker needs to go experiment on his own car and get some "data" in the form of Dyno sheets to satisfy his hard on. I guess he doesn't understand that you pretty much need to be maxing out of he airflow in the exhaust under these conditions for what he wants to know about to matter. I...
  19. What is this and why is it in my way?

    I ain't tech, but it's supposed to be there and you can take it off and put it back on after you get your part installed. If you are installing the bushing then you should be able to get it in the hole after you take that off.