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  1. 20 Inch Winter Tires - Crazy?

    Just to chime in a little bit because I've struggled along the same lines of needing to get off of summer tires. Consider an A/S like the A/S3+, you're def increasing the price point that you mentioned about. I've driven on the already mentioned Xi3...great tire when you need that snow/ice...
  2. Wheel cleaning help, really bad brake dust

    to eliminate it advise your customer on the Powerstop Z26 pads. Brembo is easy to change out. I wish I had done it with my PP1 car but my Camaro was worse and a pad change made a 1000% difference in the dust. Try a wheel cleaner that has an iron remover component to it, I think Chem guys or adam's
  3. Oil Recommendations for 19 PP2

    Diff fluid isn't going to keep it cool on the track, plenty of problems with the diff overheating in just a couple of laps. this isn't a track car inspite of the PP designation and/or SC2's they put on it. It's a street car...you'll find it's temperature limit's very quickly.
  4. Quiet Exhaust with Headers

    You're doing and planning some curious mods to be playing the keep it quiet song. I understand where you're going with it but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to do what's on your menu and then cripple with being quiet. Loud doesn't equal perf but...you get the point.
  5. Dead battery 2020 BULLITT

    What have you got under the hood? YOu might not think or realize that Ford does put maint required batteries in the Mustang. My 15 did not have a maint free battery in it and since it lives under a cover in the engine bay I never saw. I know plenty on batteries to have checked it but being out...
  6. Complete wheel/tire set recommendations for 2019 GT A10 with Lund E85 tune

    I think you'll have to in that range 285 square probably minimum, more like 285fr and 305rr and then a tire that's capable of handling the power like a max or ultra summer tire like a PS4S or ExtremeContact Sport. a 235/50 is a garbage tire for the car's power.
  7. Atlas Force UHP Tires

    Quite a laundry list of power adder mods ($$) and tacky nonsense like louvers ($$) when it won't hook up on a 50 roll so you put on a cheap ass A/S tire on it...:like::clap:
  8. Should I be worried about previous abuse? (MY19 GT)

    Ive heard a few bad stories about used cars and finding that something catastrophic lands them in the dealer service shop only to find out the car has been tuned and the powertrain warranty is void. Front tire wear is probably just alignment.
  9. Are you kidding me??? Cooling Post

    People find out pretty quick these aren't track cars unless you add all the coolers to them but then those folks usually have a budget to do such things.
  10. Angry Neighbor Uses Expanding Foam To Silence Mustang GT's Exhaust

    I'll start my cars with the garage door closed sometimes, on a Sunday morning, but most of the time it's door up and cold start. These are street/touring systems though and less aggressive but it's still loud AF. I tend to look at my neighbors in that situation and I think that they're presence...
  11. Angry Neighbor Uses Expanding Foam To Silence Mustang GT's Exhaust

    almost every time this stuff is faked BS by the owner/waitress/whatever looking for attention.
  12. Firehawk Indy 500 tires

    Youre just being obtuse about things you can do for yourself.
  13. 15 GT Perf Pack Rear Sway Bar

    Final call, it's going in a dumpster in a few days.
  14. Considering a GT with the perf pack 1-need a winter tire/rim setup. What’s available?

    I ran a 245/45/19 setup with the Michelin Xi3, I just can't remember the specs on the wheels they were a Moda MD7 or something like that, a square setup. Most all 18's aren't going to fit over the Brembo's there's only like 1 or 3 with an oversized barrel that will fit.
  15. Continental tires vs Firestone

    I put a smaller tire on the front and I can't remember exactly...from 255/40 to a 245/40...maybe that was it but that small change the tire was very noticeably smaller and almost didn't quite look right. Like I say I can't remember the exact spec or diameter/circumference but it was a small...
  16. Continental tires vs Firestone

    I dont remember having any complaints about the Indy500 in the rain, would recommend those.
  17. New PP brake pads

    I second the Z26, wish I had put those on my Mustang PP, I used them on my Camaro now and it's night and day with the dust. Brembo's are way easy to change the pads.
  18. Is that....surface rust around my trunk?

    Try 0000 steel wool with a little WD40, buff lightly.
  19. Is that....surface rust around my trunk?

    Naval Jelly removes paint.
  20. TPMS necessary?

    It even takes a little while for the light it illum on the dash, I used to make a 25 minute drive down the highway before it would come on. I never noticed any performance issues just the light on the dash.