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  1. ISO 2018 GT stock catback

    Hey guys, looking for a stock 2018 GT catback, preferably complete and in the so/central Cal area.
  2. 170 deg thermostat..anybody have one??

    Who has a 170 deg thermostat, amd how do you like it...(those who are.properly using one with a specific tune update)
  3. Full bolt on, aaand 373 gears...video inside..

    Hey guys..wel after busting a half shaft while hitting 2nd gear, i figured it was time to install the 373s i bought a while back. So heres a vid of a nice pull. My car is full bolt ons now, mpt 91 tune. Video was takem at 90 deg, at 2700ft...DA was probably atleast 4000ft or more lol high...
  4. ISO stock half shafts

    Guys, im in socal area and just broke a half shaft on my v6 6spd car...its my daily....need a drivers side half shaft asap!
  5. Squeaky noise from rear und when backing up or taking off

    Checked my axle nuts already...i know my rear hub bearings are already sloppy(i plan to change those out when i do my gears soon) but im getting a squeaky noise at parking lot speeds when i let off or give it a small amount of gas. Is this the bearings making noise? Cause ive checked all my...
  6. Rear wheel bearings goibg out...already...26k

    Ive got a 2016 v6 6spd, 26k. Theres been some talk on rear bearings lately...amd when i jacked my car up, i was able to wobble both rear tires in each dirextion about 1/16"....no way this is normal. Total BS ford...comon quit using cheap ass chinese shit in your cars. Probably just going to fix...
  7. Gear change....no whipple flare tool required...

    Hey guys, i contacted MPT about changing my rear gears and wether otlr not the whipple flare tool is required....i just picked up everything to put 373s in my car, and mpt said....all i need to do is select 373 when i load my tune, amd nothing else is required.....????
  8. GT PP package rear suspension questions

    Hey guys, i recently picked up some GT PP shocks, struts and some rear suspension arms from a buddy for my base model. I knownthebshocks and struts are better, but i heard some of the rear suspension arms have better bushings in them. Is this true?
  9. 3.7 cyclone gt350 style badges!

    Got these on ebay for 20 a piece. I painted the chrome trom around them black, but i really like them :) Sorry i dont have a link but should be easy to find. A little bigger than id like but overall im happy
  10. custom track style carbon fiber spoiler

    selling my custom made carbon fiber trunk spoiler. made to fit trunks without factory spoiler....may fit factory spoiler cars, but im not sure if it will cover the holes or not. no drilling required. $400 local pickup in so/central CA..or shipped at buyers expense.
  11. Quad tip and mufflers, lethal catless pipes

    Went to roush mufflers so selling my magnaflow clones with quad tips. Nice smooth amd mellowing sounding. Just need to have them welded into your stock pipes and cut bumper to fit. Asking $175 Also selling my lethal catless pipes. These make great power and would sound good with stock...
  12. Stock v6 front brakes, 10,000 mi

    Upgraded to stock gt brakes. These have 10k on them and are warp free with a ton of pad left. Would make nice spares for somebody. $150 local pickup, or buyer pays shipping. Obo

    Guys...help a 3.7 brother out...looking for a stock gt catback, in the so- central cal area... thanks!!
  14. Want to buy stock 5.0 flywheel

    Guys, im looking for a stock, in good shape 5.0 flywheel...thanks!
  15. Flowmaster x pipe resonator delete $150

    Selling my flowmaster x pipe resonator delete. Ive only had it for a few weeks, sounds great with cats, but im going catless, and i wasnt a fan of how it sounded catless. These are sweet though if you plan to stick with cats. Only about 400 miles on these. It comes with the clamps, which are...
  16. New Carbon Fiber Track Style Spoiler

    Hey guys, thought id share a project with you guys..i plan to sell these if theres enough interest...ill probably make a fiberglass version in the low $300 range, and a carbon fiber version in the $400 range. Final shape is still to be decided, but these pics are from the process of molding the...
  17. flowmast X pipe resonator delete

    hey guys, my flowmaster x pipe delete showed up today, my current cheapo x pipe is rattling since I went catless. its driving me insane. i'll let you guys know how I feel about the new pipe, and probably post a couple vids. its going to be nice and loud since my current setup has 18" resonators...
  18. grabber blue narrow stripes

    Has anybody done grabber blue stripes on magnetic? Ive been thinking of this combo, i think it would look awesome but id sure like to see it first
  19. Lethal performance catless midpipes

    Ok...so since my car is still in the shop...i figured what better thing to do than order more parts lol. I just ordered the catless midpipes..this will hook up to my x pipe resonator delete, quad tip mufflers and bbk shorties. Ill be sire to post my impressions and some vids. Thank you lethal...
  20. blown clutch, 5600 miles...

    The clutch in my v6 took a crap today. 5600 miles. Wasnt slipping, just broke when i downshifted to pass somebody. The car has a few bolt ons but nothing crazy. I havnt been exactly easy on the clutch but i havnt been slipping it at all. I just contacted ford...i hope they can do something...