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  1. Interesting drag race

  2. Great day for Michigan classic car show 5/4/24

    This had to be my favorite car! I didn't know Willys made a car.
  3. Michigan Looking for stock 18+ Mustang exhaust

    Local pickup
  4. Michigan Left and right Rear knuckles

    Taken off 2015 GT Premium 250.00 shipped to lower 48
  5. Free (lower 48)

    Quick connect power blocks ( what ever they are called)
  6. How are your seats holding up

    8 years 60,000 miles ceramic leather interior. I cant lie was nervous in the beginning with this choice. looks a little yellow do to picture shadowing, Very happy with the durability and color choice!
  7. Northville Cars & Coffee

    What do you think?
  8. Michigan GT front brake set

    Calipers, rotors, new brake lines and dust shields 350.00 obo local pick up.
  9. Michigan GT front brake set

    Calipers, rotors, new brake lines and dust shields 350.00 obo local pick up.
  10. Oil leak Question

    Picked my car from storage and noticed oil under the car. Jacked the car up on stands to take a look. Could this be a main seal or a oil pan gasket? I haven't checked if the pan bolts are loose. Looking through the inspection hole, the flywheel back side (between motor and flywheel) is bone dry...
  11. Michigan SVE first generation PP2 wheels 19/11

    Two 19/11 first gen with 305/35/19 Michelin Super sport. Even tread wear @ 7/32 left 450.00 see photos below.
  12. Who has the light blue 67-68 Mustang as their avatar?

    I was out Christmas shopping and came across this
  13. Any drivetrain engineer's here?

    fg9z7000-G fg9z7000-Q I would like to know when the main part number is the same, except for the letter at the end is different. Does it mean its the same part and there was an improvement in the part?
  14. Toe links

    2015 Mustang GT with the 20" wheel package. I put adjustable toe links on my car years back. Now I'm upgrading to the spherical bearing in the knuckle. To my surprise the OEM toe links have spherical bearings at the lower control arm mounting location. Rears 305/35/19, will there be enough...
  15. Toe Links

  16. #1 spark plug pulled @ 54,0000 added Counterfeit NGK plugs?

    Any input on reading plugs? Stock plugs @ 54,0000 (CYFS12Y) Gap still @ .052 using feeler gauges. Motorcraft or NGK? 18 manifold, GT 350 cold air/throttle body, Hp tuners.