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  1. Cat delete tune

    The only issue i can see from turning it off, from what i've been reading, is that the front wideband (widebands in general) has a tendency to drift as well, and that if you keep FAOSC off, they recommend replacing your front O2 every so often to keep them calibrated. It seems as though this is...
  2. Cat delete tune

    Also, could it be a case that because i had been running a bad cat for so long the rear O2 trim has thrown everything out of whack? Would turning the FAOSC off for a couple of hundred miles bring all the fuel trims back into speck, and then try turning the FAOSC on again?
  3. Cat delete tune

    That's what worries me. It seems it would be safer to turn FAOSC off.
  4. Cat delete tune

    With the FAOSC still enabled though, will this slowly through off the AF ratio? I'm using HP Tuners if that means i can adjust anything in there.
  5. Cat delete tune

    Maybe here's the correct place for me to ge help as you guys seem to have a lot of knowledge on the subject. The car has been running the ford PP2 kit and ford performance cat back exhaust on it for the last couple of years, with no issues. Cars been running great. After behaving like an...
  6. Improve your Mustang's Aerodynamics with Underbody Strakes!

    Anyone know if all the flat under panelling from the S650 will fit the S550?
  7. Stark Wheels

    Anyone one heard of them or have any experience with their wheels? They make a very affordable forged wheel. https://www.starkforged.com/ssm9/
  8. Can't lock up the rear. Normal?

    The test doesn't require you to lock up the brakes. It measures the breaking force applied to the rollers and determines wether its enough to pass the test. It was more my curiosity as to how a braking system in a performance car isn't capable of applying enough force to lock up.
  9. Can't lock up the rear. Normal?

    Yes, its an actual test, and no its not so i can behave like an idiot. The idea of the test is to ensure your car can apply an adequate braking force to the wheels. The rollers are calibrated so that as soon as they detect a wheel lock up, the machine stops. Basically releasing the force just at...
  10. Can't lock up the rear. Normal?

    So every year, we have to pass a safety inspection here in Spain, and one of the tests is a braking test on each axle individually. The car gets put on some mechanical rollers, and you have to slowly apply the brakes until, they lock up and they take a measurement. My fronts lock up no problem...
  11. PCMtec

    Am i reading this right? If i buy this software and want to install the ford power pack 3 calibration, its already in one of the preset calibrations? So basically, find the calibration, flash it and go? Would doing this retain the different drive modes from the toggle switch? Also, would this...
  12. Aggressive Fitment Thread

    Same wheel as before but now on airlift performance. Forgestar CF10 20x11 +30 and +45 305 / 30 R20 all round.
  13. Introducing Tritchy to the world…

    So, as per Bikeman above, this is an S550 forum. :confused:
  14. FP2 vs FP3

    I have HP tuners, so bumping the rev limit isn't a problem. Theres a couple of PP3 maps on their forum, that's were i got my PP2 map from and the car runs great with it. Just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything else in the map that might cause some damage.
  15. FP2 vs FP3

    Anyone know if there is a difference in the calibration between the two other than the bump in rev limit? I've got the FP2 calibration loaded on mine with the GT350 intake and throttle body, but i'm going to be fitting the GT350 manifold, and want to know if its worth finding a FP3 calibration...
  16. IMRC valves interchangeable?

    I’ve already got the PP2 tune on my car, so wasn’t planning on tuning it. Plus, ideally I need to keep them active as they help with emissions, and we get tested every year. The actuators themselves are fine, it’s just the position sensors, which aren’t expensive, they’re just on back order...
  17. IMRC valves interchangeable?

    These are what I’m referring to, which looks to be exactly what you posted above, except your passenger side one is different. Everywhere seems to be on back order though.
  18. IMRC valves interchangeable?

    No takers? Anyone know if you can at least buy the sensors separately? I've tried searching the part number but all i come up with is intake manifold temp sensors.
  19. IMRC valves interchangeable?

    Anyone know if the IMRC valves are interchangeable between a 2017 GT and and GT350 manifold? Just received my GT350 manifold with both electrical connectors at the back and are completely destroyed, so hoping I can just re-use the ones on the GT manifold.