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  1. Lightning Lap 2024 - DH edges Mach 1 by .2 sec

    I just LOVE how GT350 owners get triggered by anything comparable to their venerable GT350s outperforms their Mustangs. 😂 The GT350 is not a Ferrari. The GT350 is not a Corvette. The GT350 is not a McClaren. It is a Mustang with an imbalanced Voodoo engine that slowly rattles itself to death...
  2. Too good of a deal - something fishy???

    Because people couldn't get off the GT350 train. And that has changed. The Dark Horse is a complete flop right out of the gate. It's expensive, less attractive than the S550 and performs worse than the Mach 1 and GT350.
  3. Lightning Lap 2024 - DH edges Mach 1 by .2 sec

    The difference is that the Mach 1 getting heavier compared to the GT350R is excusable. The M1 gained more tech, updated components (ie GT500 rear-sub frame, toe-links) and still outperforms the GT350R at the track by a respectable margin. Th Dark Horse on the other hand gained 200 lbs of...
  4. Lightning Lap 2024 - DH edges Mach 1 by .2 sec

    Supposedly, yes. I'm wondering if the 200 lbs difference is the cause of this heating issue. That's a big difference everything else being equal. These guys are the first ones to push the Dark Horse to the limits at a track.
  5. Lightning Lap 2024 - DH edges Mach 1 by .2 sec

    So an automatic Dark Horse beat the 6-speed manual Mach 1? How is this a fair comparison? The key takeaways are that the Dark Horse is 200 lbs heavier, and the overall performance was subpar compared to the Mach 1 with the heating issues on the Dark Horse. Oh and inferior cornering grip. And...
  6. Motorweek Car of the year! Loved my S550’s but S650 not so bad after all.

    I get it, but between an S550 or Supra, I'll take the S550 by far. In 2024, I'm willing to pay a little extra for a MKV Supra, instead of wasting a chunk of money on an S650. Better looks, better performance, and better value for money compared to the S650. Ford really, really dropped the ball...
  7. Motorweek Car of the year! Loved my S550’s but S650 not so bad after all.

    Stellantis will bring back the ICE Mopars without the V8, which is part of the EPA/CARB era. It is what it is. I will spend my own money on that, instead of any S650 Mustang. And based on the leaks, it's already a better looking car by far.
  8. Motorweek Car of the year! Loved my S550’s but S650 not so bad after all.

    I much rather get a Supra, than the S650 turd. It's a sad excuse of a Mustang. It's sad the Camaro had to go away, because of GM's pathetic marketing. But at least Stellantis managed to bring back the Mopars.
  9. 10-12k Over Oil Change, am I screwed?

    German car manufacturers are scammers. I'm not surprised they recommended this to their owners. It is the same company that wanted to charge a subscription for heated seats.
  10. 10-12k Over Oil Change, am I screwed?

    As long as you don't plan to drive it for the long-term you'll be fine. 👍 I do my oil changes every 5K, since I plan to drive it for the long-term.
  11. Gt350 or Supra

    The best Mustang ever made to YOU. The best all-around Mustang, objectively is the S55 Mach 1 HP. The most bad ass Mustang ever is the S550 GT500. The best collector's Mustang is the S550 GT350R.
  12. Gt350 or Supra

    GT350 or MKV Supra 3.0 MT? The GT350 was a nice little experiment by Ford. An FPC engine with CPC characteristics. It also served as great platform to develop for the S550s as a whole. That said, the Supra is also a nice little experiment by Toyota. A Toyota shell with a BMW engine. And it is...
  13. Interesting read on dark horse

    It seems like most reviews just rave about the Acura Integra Type S. It must be a special car, but still a FWD car. I would definitively pick the M2. And we know how BMW underrates the power of their performance vehicles. I like the look too. And then there's the Dark Horse. Hard pass.

    😂 Dark Horse is one of Ford's greatest flops. Even Oprah would have had issues giving them away.
  15. So the new gen7 whipple numbers are out........

    Exactly. People still thinking like we are in 2014. Things have changed, drastically, which is why the S650 is so unappealing.
  16. Bill Tumas and CJ Pony Parts have Parted Ways

    I was shocked when I found out his name was Bill, and not CJ. He's probably branching out on his own.
  17. 2024 Dark Horse available

    🤣 A Dark Horse with a markup should be the joke of the year. Those thing should be selling well below invoice price.
  18. Credit where credit is due

    Definitely not difficult, it is annoying tho.
  19. Credit where credit is due

    Biggest PITA is checking the dipstick location. No doubt. 😂 Besides that....Ford 🤌.
  20. Track Attack GT500's For Sale

    Those are hard-pass for me, specially with a ridiculous ADM.