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  1. Dead Usb ports

    I have not driven the car in about 3 months and yesterday I took it out used android auto with no issues and today I have no power at the front or the one in the arm rest. I checked under hood fuses and all look good with a test light
  2. any one from here have an accident on tuesday?

    A gray GT350R on I-5 north bound was pinned between a guard rail and a semi. I wanted to see if you were o.k It looked like the heavy rain puddled in the fast lane where construction had ground the top layer of asphalt the night before. I was able to get a pic of the trucking company and unit...
  3. Do Not Buy A Used car!!!!!

    I sold my 2020 GT I purchased last year to the same dealer for a PROFIT I paid invoice for the car. window was 32k and it is sitting on the lot as we speak for just shy of 45k. please do not buy a used car right now people are getting ripped off
  4. Financial decision having regrets now

    I sold my 2020 5.0 GT and my 2018 screw F150 for a decent profit and purchased a 2021 MACH E . I have never owned an all electric vehicle and I am unsure if it will hold it's value. when the explorer sport came out I bought one and lost my ass on it. so far i've had the MME for 2 days and it is...
  5. WTT my 2020 5.0 mustang X pipe for an H

    like the tittle says I'm looking to trade my X pipe for an H pipe must be bolt in like mine here is what the old girl sounds like X with a muff delete
  6. A A for cars?

    Hi my name is JZTRK and I'm a caraholic I have owned just over 30 fords in my 38 years of life and currently own 6...... 7 if you count my boat even that has a 2.3 ford in it with a cobra out drive. I never saw it as an issue until my wife jokingly said no more cars. How many cars do you guys have?
  7. 2020 5.0 GT auto drag mode questions

    I looked in the owners manual and did a search with no answers to be found a bit winded but here it is 2020 base GT 5.0 1080r I recently upgraded the 4.3'' screen to the 8'' factory navigation and bezel that has the mode switch. I used forscan to activate the drive mode switch and it works ...
  8. California delete

    I am looking for the screen,bezel,apim wiling to pick up as a complete deal or individual parts
  9. California WTT 5.2 voodoo engine

    I have for trade a 2016 5.2 voodoo engine assembly with 18,500 mi on it. The engine was pulled from my car after a freak thunder storm flooded the car it was towed home. The next day the adjuster came out and hit the start button and the motor was locked up. the car was completely redone and a...
  10. Track attack during covid???

    has any one attended a covid one? I am getting close to mine and the Email said the welcome dinner was cancelled making it a 1 day deal
  11. 5th to 6th shift issue

    I was on the freeway this morning 20min in to my commute and I down shifted to 5th to pass and then back into 6th and it made a quick grinding noise and went in. 5th now grinds going to 6th at any speed. If I shift it super slow it wont grind. It has never had an issue shifting beforehand. The...
  12. Taking Advantage

    Any one else taking advantage of the zero down zero% financing zero payments for 6 months? I just picked up a 2020 mustang GT 1080r base in velocity blue. Dealer gave me 11k for my 2015 fiesta ST to close the deal
  13. Random action

    I'm sitting in the garage today and the car clicked/powered up and the exhaust valves cycled open/close open/close. the car has not driven in about a week the keys were in the house and so was my phone. will the car "activate" to send alerts? If not I need to contact a catholic priest and have...
  14. Cars still sitting on lots

    These are great cars im thinking of picking one up. my local dealer has 5 still sitting on his lot 2 black 3 green all are slightly different options. I shot him a text asking about prices and he said I can have any one for invoice. Should I pick one up or wait to see if thay drop the price any...
  15. For sale GT350 track pack wing and cover

    sold please delete
  16. California For sale Gt350 oem track pack wing

  17. Interior protective plastic film

    Is there any long term damage to the inside bits that ford puts the protective film on i.e door sills,seat belt holders,radio ect. I plan on not taking any of it off. I say no and a friend of mine yes what do you guys think?
  18. 2019 GT350R

    Hi guys and gals meet KR757
  19. 2019 Invoice Price????

    Hello all I have found the car listed below and managed to get the dealer to sell me the car at invoice my question is dose any one know what invoice is on this thing sticker is 72,900 2019 GT350R Technology Package Vinyl Over-The-Top Racing Stripe Exposed Carbon Fiber Instrument Panel
  20. I had a bad day today!!!!

    I took the car out for the first time in months and the parking lot of my local Box store flooded with a freak rain storm. water got inside my car up to the seats. I was able to get the car out and home and pulled as much water as I could out of it. My insurance company says its covered not to...