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  1. Bored of my GT

    I don’t know too much about the Nitrous setup but I have a stock 2020 GT PP1/Premium 10R80 Aus Spec and there is so many times where I punch it and pray that I don’t get caught by a camera or the police and sometimes regret doing what I did and being caught in the moment. Unless you live in the...
  2. Where is Vin code by carbody located ford mustang ecoboost 2015?

    I will tomorrow , I’ve had a 1/2 bottle of JD and cooking up steaks on charcoal. I will take a photo when I’m sober
  3. Where is Vin code by carbody located ford mustang ecoboost 2015?

    On the Australia model (RHD) there is a little flap under the driver seat. I never noticed it before but after my first service the dealer must have ripped the little flap up under the drivers seat to see the vin#
  4. Remove decals to decrease cops attention, sleeper, etc? Will the m1 become a collector? You think people would want w/without decals? Real hood vents?

    I had to laugh at the penis sticker. I only have a Australian model GT which is a mix of PP1 and premium but if I ever got a M1, sticker delete would be my first move.
  5. ‘13 E92 M3 vs ‘15 Mustang GT

    I love your spec Driv3n to Drive. Beautiful car. I miss my E92 M3 6speed as well but I was a bit worried about having an older BMW and maintenance costs. I got a new Mustang with warranty for the piece of mind but I still miss the sound of that S65 engine.
  6. "Nite pony" change black wheels

    Black badges > Chrome badges….. 100%
  7. Understeered and crashed, looking for advice moving foward

    If you go thru insurance, they will check all the suspension and at least replace the two tires and rims on the side that you hit against the rail. I would definitely go thru insurance. The total repair may vary depending on which crash shop you go to, some are more thorough than others. I...
  8. You are a fool if you street race

    I agree, leave the street racing for Dom Torreto, there is just too many unknown variables but on the other hand with how powerful these cars are it’s so easy to go into lose your licence territory. Today I was on the highway and it was a 2 lane merging into 1 situation, I had 3 slow cars in...
  9. Beginner Advice

    Yep I agree, it’s cool to have high HP numbers but it’s so difficult to put power to the ground unless you are roll racing and willing to go into “go to jail” speeds (which I’m too old for that ).
  10. Passed on an S650, I posted this in the S650 forums as well...

    I’ve also had a E92 M3 before my Mustang PP1 2020, the only thing I prefer about the Mustang is the warranty since I bought the M3 used. If money wasn’t a issue I would buy an M2 no doubts about it, but like you said it’s a lot of money for the performance boost
  11. Lost for words

    So what are we thinking OP? Accident or Neighbour dispute? Either way I would be very very unhappy….
  12. Michelin PS4's

    When I used daily my GT, I would leave very early in the morning for work. Temperatures at that time were around 2-5 degrees celcius (34-41 F) and often wet. I had to drive very carefully and even had a spin out close call. I didnt damage my tyres driving in those temps but i had to be gentle...
  13. 10R80 is no PDK

    The people that say that you might not get much performance increase from swapping the 10r80 with a DCT from the GT500 which may or may not be true but I guarantee the DCT will be way more fun to drive with paddles and the instant downshifts.
  14. Already have a spare tire kit, is the extra weight worth it?

    Exactly! You get extra weight over the rear axle to stop you spinning out and a spare tyre in case of an emergency, it’s a win/win!!!!
  15. My almost 4th year with a GT350

    But are you going to race him for cash or not , otherwise this thread is wasting my time?
  16. What car did you come from?

    I had a manual E92 M3 but it was a pain to daily it around town because I do a lot of driving. I also started worrying about maintenance and decided to get a Golf 7R DSG. I kept it for 5 years, never had a issue with it but wanted to get back into a V8. Current Car:
  17. Impressions after 3 months of ownership..

    Do you drive in normal mode all the time?The only time I have my car searching for gears is in normal and I understand that’s because it’s the fuel saver mode that tries to use the highest gear as possible. In sport / track I don’t really have many issues. I do agree that the Golf R’s twin...
  18. Is your Mustang a 2-seater or a 4-seater?

    2 adults + 1 baby seat. Enough room in the trunk to fit a pram and baby bag for road trips.
  19. New wheels on a new Mach 1. Need opinions please. TY

    Yep I also think you have a little bit much going on with the bronze wheels, orange on callipers and stripes , black on the stripes, and the FJG car. Personally I try to keep my car 2 colours + additional color on the calliper if you want that extra “pop” but that’s just me. I do like the...