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  1. Troubleshooting my newly installed ESS G2 kit

    Nothing sideways here. I want to get you up and running. The show can be unpredictable. Depends on the mood of the night lol. All I am saying is could be worth a shot. Has Lund gotten back to you today?
  2. Troubleshooting my newly installed ESS G2 kit

    Looks like we are looking at the same words and reading them in two different voices! I am not mad at all or thinking you want to make trouble. I want to help you get to a solution! The only reason I said anything about the livestream is because you may be able to get a different set of eyes on...
  3. O2 sensor code after tune

    Do you have cats? PO420/430 is cat inefficiency and tuners will not turn those off.
  4. Whipple noise?

    Whine is inefficiency. The Whipple gen 5 is very efficient, and thus, quiet. 03/04 cobras were so whiny because they were literally hating life. Also, sound tube mods are dumb. It is literally introducing a hole near the MAF housing, and then feeding that into the cabin.
  5. Troubleshooting my newly installed ESS G2 kit

    I agree, if you get no choice, then you get no choice. The other option is to hop on Alex's livestream tonight at 8est and make a fuss. If you have your device number, sometimes he reviews tickets when people complain about crappy service. Who knows, he may even be tuning you.
  6. Troubleshooting my newly installed ESS G2 kit

    Lund is top of the game. They tune the most out of anyone. They do have a reputation for being very quick to jump to installation issues (because it usually is their issues). I would keep working with Lund. This shouldn't be a one message and quit kind of thing. Tell them you rechecked...
  7. Tear in Frame

    Thanks for the reply. I will take another look later today, but I think we are starting to conflate two issues. 1) the crack - this does not look to be seam sealer and is not located on any seam. It certainly felt like a metal tear. 2) the shitty looking seam job - yeah, I got a Monday morning...
  8. StreetSpeed717's 2024 Mustang GT gets a Whipple!

    When lethal first posted the blue car making 800whp, they said pump gas. Only after a certain YouTube channel popped off did they edit the post. VMP's announcement video did not mention octane booster. It is being publicized more now. I agree that this is nothing new. You can see the same...
  9. StreetSpeed717's 2024 Mustang GT gets a Whipple!

    Because Whipple and Lethal and VMP are not disclosing octane booster. Or, at least they are being shady about it.
  10. StreetSpeed717's 2024 Mustang GT gets a Whipple!

    I agree with everything you say. The issue is that they are not being clear about octane booster. People think 800whp on pump 93 is acceptable or possible or safe.
  11. StreetSpeed717's 2024 Mustang GT gets a Whipple!

    Whipple is balls to the wall with marketing these numbers. 12psi on pump gas with cats is literally leading to tons of cat failures and blown motors.
  12. Troubleshooting my newly installed ESS G2 kit

    car ran great with Lund tune on NA, then you changed...injectors, fuel pump voltage booster, intake system...lots of hoses, clamps, etc. I know you are checking your list off, but there must be something somewhere.
  13. Tear in Frame

    That's what we like to see! The only bright side here is that I can sleep happy knowing that Ford is doing their part to employ as many blind workers as possible!!
  14. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Dealing with this nonsense...for anyone that has not made their way over to the other forum...thoughts are welcome https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/tear-in-frame.196741/
  15. Tear in Frame

    You mean to tell me booger welds do not scream "reputable"???
  16. Tear in Frame

    I have a very good quality body shop a few miles from me that I have used in the past. It may be worth their hourly rate to just take a tail light out, get it on a lift, and get their professional opinion. Or, I start with the dealership if this is truly an awful Ford QC issue.
  17. Tear in Frame

    I was given a carfax by the selling Ford dealer, which was clean. I am the 3rd owner. I don't know of any recourse unless selling dealer knowingly lied to me, which would be fraud.
  18. Tear in Frame

    That is discouraging (no offense). Your lines look great. Your driver side is "worse" than the passenger side, but obviously way better than mine. Someone else mentioned a rear end slap and quick repair, and that may be likely here.
  19. Tear in Frame

    Here are more pics... Fearing an unreported repair has me in a bad sort of way. 1) value is obviously affected, 2) I bought the car August 2022, so there is no recourse with selling dealer unless they knew about damage and advertised it as clear to me (plus I'd have to see what Illinois statute...