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  1. Please help me identify this noise

    dynamat solved my issue. exact same noise happened to me in 2nd and 3rd when the car was up to temp in that same RPM range. a small piece of dynamat on that plate solved my issues and is much better than taking the car apart to replace a faulty part with another faulty part.
  2. AC compressor......again....

    ^ I think so. And the AC sucks. I honestly barely use the AC since i've lived in Washington and Coastal Socal. HOWEVER, I had a very interesting alternator failure at 19k miles. I use all the RPM on my car, so not surprised it failed hearing about so many AC/Alternator failures on this...
  3. I finally installed rear seats into my R

    good point about the airbags. wonder if they got rid of them in the back for the R, adding to further weight removal.
  4. Engine/Transmission Plate Noise FIX!

    my 2019 R does this between 3500 and 4200 RPM when the car is HOT after i push it up one of the local mountains. i always hear it hissing/tearing against the canyon wall in 3rd when the engine is at that RPM on partial throttle or deceleration. it didnt always do this, it maybe started at 8k...
  5. Newsflash CF wheels are garbage

    16k miles and 2 tire changes on my CF wheels so far with 2 track days. I never plan to take them off.
  6. Which GT350 would you buy?

    The performance envelope is higher on the 2019+ since all the systems (magride/abs) are set up for a stickier tire. That only matters if you track the car or drive quick on backroads/canyons.
  7. Normal tire wear for Pilot SC2?

    pop the hood between sessions to let it cool down. Starter will last longer and wont overheat as much.
  8. Carbon wheels

    All good advise here ^ I hand torque them with non marring socket, set the car down, and use 150 ft lbs set on a torque wrench. I've got 14,000 miles on my carbon wheels. I'm In LA but car was bought in WA and driven around there for the first year including a couple road trips down the west...
  9. Caliperflexion Front Brake Caliper Kit

    Thanks!! Ordered a kit from OP Mustang.
  10. Caliperflexion Front Brake Caliper Kit

    Very exciting if true!! Please let us know about it. Need to change brake pads before next year at some point.. haha. And I don't feel like having to do the one time use bolts and damage more aluminum on the knuckle. only 2 track days and 13000 miles on the R car and original pads. I am not at...
  11. Caliperflexion Front Brake Caliper Kit

    Is there another set? I should have gotten a set 2 years ago! Same predicament.
  12. Starter motor heat soak?

    pop the hood after a good drive. I had this happen after stopping the engine shortly after a high temp blast in the mountains. Opening the hood and trying to drive 10 min later always works better (starter is happy) than not.
  13. Installed a new set of Pilot Sport 4S on GT350R - completely lost that "sharp" feeling. Car does not feel stable anymore

    Were you using the oem carbon wheels on the 19 R with PS4S? Yeah... the car is too fun and crazy. If you live anywhere with twisties, you would have to be insane or a grandpa to dull down the experience.
  14. Soon to be new owner!

    Yes removing the front left tire is a must imo. It makes it much easier to get torque wrench access to the oil filter cartridge and for inserting a bendy funnel to minimize spillage onto the airdam and other suspension surfaces.

    I bought my 19 R new from a Washington state dealer. I moved to CA 2 years later and smoged+registered it without an issue. All stock, no tune. There's no specific cali hardware to my knowledge.
  16. Repairing the Ceramic Coating on the Carbon Wheels

    The wheel will only fail when the brake temps get to the point of failure. 100 degree day and killing your brakes like an endurance race to the point of supreme fade might do it. Has anyone heard of a failure of the carbon fiber wheel due to heat because of a scrape in the coating? I've got a...
  17. sold.

    appears so since the sizes are 295 and 305 instead of 305 and 315. I was about to buy these but not for my R.
  18. Best replacement tire for a gt350.

    305 4S wont fit on the rear R wheel? i wouldn't like the 325 poke on the rear but wanted the 4s. I make look into these tires to maintain the high grip level of sc2 on cf wheel instead of the 4s. Thanks for posting this.