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  1. Whoooboy....

    wow not cool at all. at night time with reduced visibility on a two lane roadway with intersections and been driving less than 2 years. moron is lucky he didnt die or kill someone else. makes me miss the old days when you would get slapped around a bit and some oc in your hood vents as a...
  2. What is the best battery 2020 Mustang GT

    after reading all the stories of the stock battery crapping out i replaced it a couple of weeks after getting the car. i went with the Odyssey Battery 96R-600 Group Size 96R 600 CCA. think i paid 260 for it but so far no issues.
  3. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    mine went into deep sleep today, its been on the battery tender for 2 weeks now. i think its normal if the car is not driven regardless if its on a charger or not it still goes into deep sleep.
  4. New Suspension feels fantastic

    its close to the full drop i just dont think they lower as much as other lowering springs. the guy that did the work clocked them and does a lot of mustangs. the drop is slightly more in the front than the rear, not a noticeable rake though. i have never had any weird clunks or issues with...
  5. New Suspension feels fantastic

    i have the same shocks struts as the op but went with the fp track springs. the drop was only 1/2 '' front and 1/4" the rear. i would have liked a bit lower but the car handles 10 time better than with the stock pp1 stuff. i didnt use camber bolts either, shop said they had no problem...
  6. Reasons I ordered s550 vs waiting on s650

    its not the first time a manufacturer has encrypted the ecu. i remember when first getting my S4, the Bosch ECU was encrypted and it took about a year and half before we could flash it from home. i see the mustang going down the same path. if man can encrypt it, man can break that encryption...
  7. Think it’s totaled?

    damage like that i wouldnt want it back even if it could be repaired.
  8. How does this happen???

    thankfully not my mustang but the wife's X5. I don't think this is going to be repairable.
  9. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    would bet my left one as soon as you pull it the tire is going to deflate. also that is so close to the sidewall i doubt any tire place would patch that. you could try plugging it yourself, it would probably hold.
  10. What steering wheels do you guys have in your GTs?

    the center cap with the pony is the airbag you swap that from the old steering wheel along with the controls. i used the cj ponyparts how to video but there are others on youtube.
  11. how to deal with etched in water spots

    i had a crap ton of hard water spots on my hood a couple of months ago. i tried everything including vinegar without success i then got this stuff and it took the spots right out. i didnt even have to rub hard its a gel and you let it sit for 30 seconds then wipe it off with water or detailer...
  12. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    replaced the stock wheel with the gt350 one. install wasnt too bad. the tedious part was swapping out the switches. the alcantara is a great upgrade.
  13. Windshield Tint worth it???

    in pa as it was explained to me any tint even clear on the front windshield will not pass inspection. you will either have to take it off each year or find someone willing to pass you. this is why i have always not tinted the front. sides and rear i tint 35% which to me looks nice but not...
  14. Californians - front plate or no?

    in philly nowadays you dont even need a rear license plate. cops dont stop anymore for mechanical or reg violations as it was racist.
  15. Ecoboost to GT Regrets? Tips/Suggestions?

    when i was looking for my first mustang i never even considered the ecoboost due to the 4 cyl it just seems the car is too big and heavy for that regardless of the power the motor can produce. now if ford had had an inline 6 cyl twin turbo motor option i would have jumped on that in a second.
  16. Deep sleep mode

    i havent started mine in 2 weeks and just checked and its in deep sleep mode. also hooked up to a trickle charger. i think its just normal behavior.
  17. What you think of the new Mustang?

    i threw up in my mouth when i saw the shots of the interior. complete dealbreaker for me. not sure what they were thinking slapping those ugly screens there but it was a very poor choice.
  18. Beloved prop rod gone?

    i wouldnt trade my prop rod for the world.
  19. So the 2024's get auto stop/start

    usually a tune can disable it or make it not be the default option.
  20. What you think of the new Mustang?

    i have to agree with that. the rear end reminds me of the old pontiac aztek