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  1. 2018-2021 SHELBY GT- H ( HOOD ) AVAILABLE NOW ^_*

    Like the title says, The new GT-H hood is finally available for sale on Shelby's official website. https://www.shelbystore.com/2018-2021-Shelby-GT-Hood-p/sgt18hood.htm Hoping they offer the %20 discount anytime soon.
  2. Skip or Sweep ?? Thought?

    Hey everyone :handsinair: Opinion on this rear wing with the insane gurney flap ? Will SHELBY be offering this on sale as the previous models ? :inspect:
  3. 2018 / 2019 Supersnake rear spoiler fitment!

    Hi guys, Has anyone ever tried installing the Supersnake rear spoiler on their Stangs ? I had my eyes on that spoiler and contacted Shelby store on their official website and Ebay but the prices varies from either ones! Price here dropped a little ...
  4. VMP vs Roush vs Whipple vs Edelbrock ??

    Hi Members :handshake: This is my first post and I had to make that cause Roush superchaarger kit is under SALE for almost 6500$! which is the most reliable kit over all ? https://www.americanmuscle.com/roush-r2650-supercharger-kit-phase-1-2018-gt.html I just bought a Roush 2 and not...