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  1. Which car do I choose ? M1 vs 13’ GT500

    You daily your 350? What’s that experience been like? How many miles does it have on it ?
  2. Which car do I choose ? M1 vs 13’ GT500

    As a previous owner I bow to your knowledge all I know is what I’ve read and I’ll take personal experience over something from a book any day. Thanks for sharing
  3. Which car do I choose ? M1 vs 13’ GT500

    That’s a fair point. I just know with emissions getting tighter, electric cars taking over, and manuals dying cars like these won’t be around much longer, and once they are gone the price will skyrocket I’m sure, and I’m at the edge of my budget as is. Nobody know what the future holds, maybe...
  4. Which car do I choose ? M1 vs 13’ GT500

    So basically a GT350 rebuild? Lol! I haven’t heard of to many stock 500’s blowing in the 13-14’s from my research they’re pretty rock solid. I mean things can happen to any car But as a whole I’ve thought of that as a solid engine
  5. Which car do I choose ? M1 vs 13’ GT500

    I love manuals, that all I drove for years and I’ve been the driver of the family car for years now, I’m really excited to get my manual back in either car, but what parts of the 13 did you feel were so poorly dated day to day what was it missing, just curious of your ownership perspective. To...
  6. Which car do I choose ? M1 vs 13’ GT500

    WGW? 44k is great, it’s the 80-100k mark I worry about. I’ve ran multiple coyotes and know so many people that are 100k even 200k into life and doing great with proper maintenance. I fear the voodoo won’t hold with me that long without a major incident. I get these aren’t Camrys we are talking...
  7. Which car do I choose ? M1 vs 13’ GT500

    But you also went for the 350 instead of the M1….why ? And how has it treated you ?
  8. Which car do I choose ? M1 vs 13’ GT500

    That’s me all day. I’ve driven one once before and was blown away how much I loved it. I’d want to go to that 8k RPM like maybe once a week getting on the interstate just because I could when it’s early and nobody is on the road but yea most days I’ll be content between 4-6 and smile big because...
  9. Which car do I choose ? M1 vs 13’ GT500

    While in theory I like that idea, throwing down an extra 5k for a warranty does not appeal to me, nor does a car that I feel I need a warranty on, because eventually it runs out, and I plan on keeping the car longer than that and from what I’ve read and researched the motor shakes itself to...
  10. Which car do I choose ? M1 vs 13’ GT500

    He’s only 2 and when I ask he just says vroom vroom LOL it’s the cutest thing
  11. Which car do I choose ? M1 vs 13’ GT500

    I have thought about that, but I know me, and I won’t actually drop the 10+ grand to do it. Once I buy the car that’s it for me outside small bolt ons or exhaust at the most. Speed isn’t the most important thing to me necessarily as much as how the car feels driving it. Like the GT350 5.2 Is...
  12. Which car do I choose ? M1 vs 13’ GT500

    Would really love some outside perspectives and owners thoughts. just clarify who I am, and where I’m coming from. I want to buy a daily driver that I keep forever. Like I want to pass this thing down to my son who’s only 2. We have a family car that gets most of the miles so this car really...
  13. Best mustang convertible edition?

    Oooooohhh I like that gotta love the RTR ready to rock. I bet those are a hard find
  14. Questioning Gen 2 voodoo reliability

    Someone did post that video already but i didn’t know about the steering knuckle that’s good to know!
  15. Long term would you rather…GT350 vs GT500

    I just have to say I knew starting the discussion there would be a lot of opinions on both sides but I never expected the poll to be split so perfectly 50/50! It really does go to show how they are different experiences but so special in their own way.
  16. Long term would you rather…GT350 vs GT500

    LOL at the Mach-E comment To clarify I’m asking for the sake of the discussion because I’m curious how others feel. I have own opinion, but when a long time owner tells me something I also shut up and listen.
  17. Questioning Gen 2 voodoo reliability

    I’d be interested in reading more about what you mean by taking care of those nuances. but it does sound like you think it’s very much not a daily driver car ?
  18. Long term would you rather…GT350 vs GT500

    Not many can say they’ve owned both. Thank you for your input! I’ve driven both but literally just for a test drive. The high revs of the voodoo is an experience that’s unmatched and I can’t describe it more than “special” and I love a manual no doubt In my drive with the GT500 I was a bit...
  19. Questioning Gen 2 voodoo reliability

    Also can someone explain to me how the GT500 is soooo much more reliable. I’m seeing 100k plus miles GT350’s for sale and it feels a bit overblown on how much a ticking time bomb it is if it’s not beat to death at a track I understand flat plane vs cross plane and vibrations but surely if the...
  20. Questioning Gen 2 voodoo reliability

    I wonder why the pump gears weren’t upgraded since a lot of people here say they are prone to getting shredded to pieces. to that, I assume they’re using the same oil pump gears in the GT500? I don’t hear those owners crying about them. and I’m hearing MOST of the 350 failures are coming from...