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  1. Arizona SVE S350 with Yokohama Advan A052 $1000

    Wheels SVE S350 19x10 square ET+40, used, some chips and scratches Tires Yokohama Advan A052 265/40/19, used for autox only, not many events on them. Local pickup only
  2. Arizona Eco Handling Package sway bars and Steeda springs

    Prefer local pickup. Sway bars from Eco HPP HP, front bar 32mm, rear bar 24mm solid (same rear size as Mach 1). Steeda Magneride dual rate ultimate handling springs. Package $250.
  3. Arizona Ecoboost HPP HP springs $100

    Ecoboost HPP HP springs, less than 2000 miles on them. These will only fit Magneride equipped cars. Prefer local area pickup.
  4. I hope not - Autoweek: next generation is last ICE Mustang

  5. Arizona WTB Track Pack front sway bar

    Looking for the front bar only of M-5490-G.
  6. SVE S350 and Wheel Spacer

    Before I blow a bunch of money. Would I need a front spacer for SVE S350 +40 19X10 and 275/35/19? Car is a 2020 HPP HP. 265s in 19X10 fit, no rubbing but it is tight. TIA!
  7. Surprised this is considered "totaled"

    My insurance company determined this to be a total loss. I'm shocked by that since there's no fluid leaks, no air bag deployment, no apparent frame damage, etc. I have the option to buy it back as a salvage (will probably do that). BTW 17 Premium EB, wife's car, hit a deer at 40mph.
  8. FWIW Handling Package Ecoboost Wheel Weight

    Switched my Pirelli Corsas to SVE S350 wheels, factory wheel weight (19x9.5) 66.2 lbs, SVE (19x10) 50.6 lbs, pretty significant! I’ll hang on to the factories with A/S for monsoon and winter seasons, will track the Pirellis on the SVE’s until they wear out. Same offset, looks like tire to strut...
  9. Blown charge pipe?

    What do you think? Is this a sign of a blown cold side charge pipe? And would it cause a P0300? Stock tune HPP cp-e intercooler. Appreciate the help!
  10. All Season Tires Handling Package for HPP EcoBoost

    For HPP HP owners, I just scored 4 Bridgestone RE980AS in 265/40/19 at Tire Rack for $465, free shipping. Not sure if other sizes are available at this price...
  11. P0141 which sensor?

    2017 Ecoboost, which sensor do I replace? I'm leaning towards the sensor on the converter. TIA
  12. MT Ecoboost HPP Hot Lap

    Finally a track review.
  13. BMR CB005 and MagneRide

    I have CB005 that I never installed in my previous Mustang. Is it worth it to install in a MagneRide equipped car? Or sell it? Thanks.
  14. 2019 GT/CS Question

    I'm looking at a 2019 GT/CS and I'm very interested in the car. Car has Brembo brakes but I don't see the PP gauges in the interior. Was the GT/CS offered with the PP option or were Brembo's part of the GT/CS package? TIA!
  15. Ecoboost Manual Slave Cylinder

    The slave cylinder in my 2016 Manual PP Ecoboost failed at 17K miles. Dealer said the part is back ordered, looked online at all dealers in AZ and it shows as not in stock. Dealer telling me it could be weeks before they can get a replacement. At least I'm getting a rental since it's a warranty...
  16. WTB GT Upper and Lower Grilles

    They will be gutted so honeycomb doesn't have to be perfect. Thanks