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    Plaquettes de freins | The Ford Parts Site | Buy OEM Ford Parts Online‎
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    Plaquettes de freins

    ‎Hello, I'm looking for references to the Brembo 6 piston brake pads in the front and 4 pistons in the rear for a 2016 Shelby GT350 model. ‎🤔‎ Thank you in advance for your ‎ ‎ feedback. ‎
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    2015-18 Voodoo gen 1 vs 2019-2020 gen 2

    I went from a 16 to a 19. I went from a base car to an R. While there is ample proof that the Gen 2 is a bit stronger (as it should be) partially to address some of the failure and partially to make parts common with the GT500, I would not have upgraded for the engine. As an avid tracker, I...
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    2019 Oil Usage

    I have heard some of the oil usage is associated with downshifting and engine breaking. Not sure there is any proof.
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    2019 GT350 Engine Problem (potential engine failure)

    many here would select a car with the Gen 2 even if replaced in an earlier model. Until the car becomes a collector, Its meaningless IMHO
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    2017GT350R-Need suggestions for Daily Drive Tires/Wheels

    Great idea for street driving
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    New GT500 style “dive planes or splitter extensions” for GT350

    Same here. If your doing it for looks, enjoy. If your doing it for track, your wasting money. Even the 500 Rear wing will need to be balanced with the front of the car. When Ford added the SWing, they replace the base grill with the R grill with a smaller opening to balance the car
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    Is there a "best" Year GT350 to Buy?

    Having had a 16 and now a 19, I believe the 19 is better all around
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    Is there a "best" Year GT350 to Buy?

    Not sure where SAAC came into the conversation. Generally talking about individual owners. Team Shelby Recognizes all Shelbys and Yes, that includes the Dodge Models
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    Is there a "best" Year GT350 to Buy?

    This is where the the Shelby purists struggle. Many will tell you the new GT350 is not a real Shelby. They are wrong but they are entitled to their opinion. After 66, Shelby and Ford worked together on the car. We all know 68 production was moved. But many dont know Charlie McHose, the designer...
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    2017GT350R-Need suggestions for Daily Drive Tires/Wheels

    Did this a while back
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    2017GT350R-Need suggestions for Daily Drive Tires/Wheels

    I went with 305 square on Shelby CS 21's. I see no appreciable loss of traction especially with street use. I have RE 71's on the car and even did a track day. While the cup 2's are much better the RE 71s were good on track and better manners on street
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    Is there a "best" Year GT350 to Buy?

    I agree the 70 is unique in its history even given the fact it was just a leftover 69. Shelby History is an obsession for me. Maybe too much so. We had a team that just blew up the controversy on who was responsible for the 67 Shelby. We corrected history. The 67 is my favorite Shelby car...
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    Is there a "best" Year GT350 to Buy?

    One signature 4/19
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    Is there a "best" Year GT350 to Buy?

    Id like to know which are running changes. We know the headbolts were 19/20 only. Same with the R components on base engines (started sometime in 18) The 19/20 did receive major changes that were not accumulations over time, mostly thanks to the GT500.
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    Two Questions - 2020 GT350R

    The car cover is an option. The oil filter and wrench were specific to the 15/16. Yes, the car goes through checks. You have to turn on or off the Wifi updates
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    2020 R revised steering

    My 19 was never bad and I dont have the updated steering geometry and that's with Cup 2's. Just to confuse the issue a bit :) My 16 was bad
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    Buying used Cup 2’s

    Yup, you would be crazy to not pick them up
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    Is there a "best" Year GT350 to Buy?

    Clarification on the 16 Models. You could get a 16 with the track pack which gave you the coolers but no big screen GPS ect. There are no reasons to avoid a 16. Just understand which package you have
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    Experience with Service Department

    You need to complain to Ford Customer service and leave a negative review wherever you can. I live in a small town so one Tech touches my car, no Fast Lane for my car,