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  1. Mustang Tony

    The 18-21 is better looking than 15-17

    You're damn right it is. So much it got me to buy another Mustang. My last one was an '03 Cobra and I thought I'd never again own another Mustang.
  2. Mustang Tony

    Why the Mach 1 is a bargain....

    I resemble that remark!!!
  3. Mustang Tony

    Resonator Delete

    I second that...this mid pipe really cleans up the sound whereas the other mid pipes sound blatty or raspy. At idle sounds deep.
  4. Mustang Tony

    Twister Orange Mach 1 in Australia

    I like the Mach 1 in the orange. Nice!
  5. Mustang Tony

    GT500 - $10k over msrp

    I'll buy my next "Cobra" when they go back to the Mustang Cobra SVT. LOL
  6. Mustang Tony

    GT500 - $10k over msrp

    It's really a Mustang Cobra...Carroll didn't have his hand on it. It's still a special car, but not enough to get rid of my '18 GT.
  7. Mustang Tony

    GT500 - $10k over msrp

    Totally '18 GT PP! has been flawless...forget the GT500.
  8. Mustang Tony

    NEW C8 ZO6 has 5.5 Flat Plane V8 and 9000RPM Redline

    One thing we know for will be ugly as hell...Just like the C8 already is. No thanks.
  9. Mustang Tony

    First 2020 Shelby GT500 In The 8's!

    Was hoping this was Ken from PBD.
  10. Mustang Tony

    aFe drop in, Borla X-pipe & Flex tune - Will it pass smog?

    I love the Switchfire with the active exhaust...just perfect IMO.
  11. Mustang Tony

    aFe drop in, Borla X-pipe & Flex tune - Will it pass smog?

    Thanks for the reply! I was thinking exactly as you mention. So I just have to switch back to the stock tune before before smogging. And yes, I understand if I do decid to tune and something does happen...I will foot the bill. But, I'm glad so far I'm okay with the AFE and the Borla...
  12. Mustang Tony

    aFe drop in, Borla X-pipe & Flex tune - Will it pass smog?

    Hi Fellow Cali folks, I know this is a little premature thinking...but will my '18 Mustang GT pass smog if I have the following mods? Right now I have the aFe drop in air filter in the stock air box and I have a Borla switch fire mid pipe. I'm planning on doing an E85 flex tune in the coming...
  13. Mustang Tony

    Any good shop in my area

    I'm gonna try Racers Edge in Downey. Greg has been around for a long time. He tuned both of my buddies '03 Cobras.
  14. Mustang Tony

    need car cover for '19 GT

    That pic taken was when I "first" put it on and it fits like that BMW picture you have. I can't imagine fitting any tighter. LOL. And I disagree with you...whomever disigned mine especially for a Performance Pack car did a great job. I think you're car cover nuts.
  15. Mustang Tony

    need car cover for '19 GT

    Google California Car Cover. I have the NOAH. It's awesome and fits like a glove.
  16. Mustang Tony

    Staggered or Flush Quad Tips?

    You mean a fugly corvette.....:crackup:
  17. Mustang Tony

    Speed phenom just shot out my Mustang :)

    What power adder if any are you running on the engine?