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  1. RaceRed5.0

    Widebody Builds of Mustang GT

    The Hatred is Strong on this thread.
  2. RaceRed5.0

    This car is fast, but it doesn't feel like I'm going fast.

    That should be normal with a performance car, especially on a smooth road. These engines are designed to go fast so hovering around 50 to 60 is not going to put much strain on these motors compared to a Nissan Rogue or a Camery.
  3. RaceRed5.0

    Who wants to race

    Yeah I regret clicking on that.
  4. RaceRed5.0

    got myself a small upgrade

    Can't got wrong with a 350.
  5. RaceRed5.0

    To racing stripe or to not racing stripe ?

    That looks real good, did you do it yourself or have it put on and if so how much? Because I am still up in the air with stripes or a coyote graphic on the sides.
  6. RaceRed5.0

    So I don't lock my doors, why bother?

    I have stuff to steal in my car even if I have no other items. My car mods for instance, my GT floor mats, Carbon fiber steering wheel if they have a lot of time on their hands, GT trunk mat. Mustang seatbelt pads hell given enough time and I am not around they can steal my Sync 3 if they know...
  7. RaceRed5.0

    Do you tell lies about your Mustang?

    I have the base V8 mustang with the 4.6liter I just added on the 5.0 badges for extra horsepower.
  8. RaceRed5.0

    Used S550 Prices going up?

    Yes, I have noticed this as well in the KBB prices. Used Cars and SUV's in particular have dramatically increased in priced.
  9. RaceRed5.0

    Beginning to think I don't know how to drive a mustang...

    Your the first person I think I have ever seen post this on any forum/message board. Either someone swapped a Prius motor in your Mustang without you knowing it or you aren't trying not nearly hard enough. I mean if you are really having issues take all your TC assist off and put it in line lock...
  10. RaceRed5.0

    Just saw they sold more Teslas last year then manual cars in the US

    It will be a sad day when the last manual transmission rolls off the lot. As an Auto owner I can respect the manual it still gives you something else to do other than just steer and in a sports car can make it more exciting. Sooner rather than later we are just going to be driving some electric...
  11. RaceRed5.0

    When speed is no longer an issue, what would make you buy a new car?

    Meh there will be some auto guidance system onboard that will take you where you need to go. You wont have to worry about the Karen in front of you taking her 3 kids to soccer practice because you all will be going 250 mph+
  12. RaceRed5.0

    When speed is no longer an issue, what would make you buy a new car?

    Self driving electric cars? Can you get anymore boring. I'll be done with the car scene I'd probably collect a classic combustion engine car and wait for the flying car to come out.
  13. RaceRed5.0

    Roll racing fail

    10/10 for not how to race on a crouch rocket.
  14. RaceRed5.0

    Team Mustang coins

    Interesting I'll check into it. Thanks!
  15. RaceRed5.0

    Team Mustang coins

    Is he still making them?
  16. RaceRed5.0

    You know how many times I have damaged another persons car?

    I had a friend like that. He was like the opposite of a car enthusiast and I remember every time hoping in his car he would have empty chip bags and coke cans all over the floor and I would have to kick them out of the way just to put my feet on the floor.
  17. RaceRed5.0

    You know how many times I have damaged another persons car?

    Maybe but I put a lot of time and money into mine and I treat everything I own with care, even my 2006 Pontiac G6 it stays outside but has a car cover on it 90% of the time and I try to wash it after every rain. I wish more people would appreciate what they have. You can tell a lot about a...
  18. RaceRed5.0

    You know how many times I have damaged another persons car?

    Parking out in the middle of no where usually in the very back or near the back of the parking lot.