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  1. AnthonyA1234

    Shift knob jam nut issues

    Hey yea I didn’t even have to end up using the loctite. What ended up happening was I realized the jam nut was a little sticky which I guess was strong enough for it to twist with the knob instead of locking. It was sticky because it came inside a folded piece of tape. So I wiped down the jam...
  2. AnthonyA1234

    Shift knob jam nut issues

    Bought some on Amazon should be here tomorrow. How did you mark were the jam nut was some sharpie on the shifter?
  3. AnthonyA1234

    Shift knob jam nut issues

    Sounds good thanks for the help
  4. AnthonyA1234

    Shift knob jam nut issues

    After finally getting my custom shift knob from anarchy motive I had some issues when installing it. The jam nut is threading down with the knob, it isn’t stopping it it just goes down with the knob when I tighten the knob. I think it has something to do with the adapter inside the knob that has...
  5. AnthonyA1234

    Ford performance hood strut problems

    The locking nut mustve not sat right. They’re sending me new ones for free so I’ll see how it goes on the second attempt.
  6. AnthonyA1234

    Ford performance hood strut problems

    When installing the struts the fender brackets kept twisting when I tried to tighten them. When trying to keep it wedged while I tightened it I just ended up scraping off paint and bending the locking nut on the bracket. I’m going to email Ford performance and order another set of the fender...
  7. AnthonyA1234

    Ford performance hood struts

    Just bought these and had a few questions about them. First off, will the installation mess up my hood alignment? And if so are there any tips to avoid this. Also any tips regarding the window washing fluid line I understand they can be crushed with these struts. Thanks in advance.
  8. AnthonyA1234

    Xpel fusion ceramic coat questions

    My car is currently getting it applied at the shop. I got the full ceramic coat and the xpel ppf on the front bumper and rear view mirrors. Can anyone who has used xpels ceramic coat comment on it? Also, do I have to use some special soap now when washing my car or can I stick to the chemical...
  9. AnthonyA1234

    XPEL wrap (PPF) and ceramic coating

    Hey how has the ceramic coating held up? My cars at the shop right now getting it done. Also do you have to use some special soap when washing or can I stick to the chemical guys soap I use now. You also have to use that ceramic boost spray after every wash correct?
  10. AnthonyA1234

    Mpg goes down while idle

    That makes more sense to me I don’t see the advantage of seeing that information during idle
  11. AnthonyA1234

    Mpg goes down while idle

    Yea that makes sense I just figured the car would realize this and not mess up my average. Thanks
  12. AnthonyA1234

    Mpg goes down while idle

    Does this happen to anyone? My mpg could be 17 and if I park it just goes down pretty quickly within 5 minutes it’ll be at around 9. What’s the reason for this?
  13. AnthonyA1234

    Steeda jacking rail question

    Damn that’s annoying, do yours tilt up as well?
  14. AnthonyA1234

    Steeda jacking rail question

    After installing the jacking rail I realized that I can’t even get my jacks on them as my jack stands are a U shape and the jacking rail is right up against the pinch weld so the jack stand would just sit on the pinch weld anyways as the jacking rails are lower than the pinch weld. I also...
  15. AnthonyA1234

    Diode dynamics rear side markers photos on bullitt

    I couldn’t find any good photos really showing how these look so I thought I’d post some before and afters in case any of you are interested. They look really coolL
  16. AnthonyA1234

    2019 Bullitt - PP2 rear deck lid spoiler.

    Can you post a pic of how they look? I’m thinking of upgrading to them and I’m trying to decide what color I want.
  17. AnthonyA1234

    Newb Bullitt owner questions :)

    Something I discovered recently with my bullitt is that you can actually fold in your mirrors manually
  18. AnthonyA1234

    Manual trans Downshifting question

    What is the proper procedure when downshifting multiple gears? I drive with rev match turned on and I usually just push the clutch in then will downshift through every gear till I’m were I want to be. For example- I’m in 5th, I push clutch in go to fourth, then third, then second, then I let the...
  19. AnthonyA1234

    Anyone else put a Spoiler on and Louvers

    Is your car ceramic coated? That color looks amazing