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  1. 7.85 @174 1/4mile with my 10r80

    man trust me, I will NEVER use them again for anything. This is just too much of a fuct up situation with that company. I sure do hope that you get your ish back man. Sorry that you’re going through this crap. Makes no damn sense. Good luck.
  2. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    definitely a nice looking and quality kit.
  3. 7.85 @174 1/4mile with my 10r80

    It took me longer to get my twin turbo kit back in 2016 when I was promised 2 months. It took 6 months to finally get it. Calls after calls got me nowhere. I called and left a message that I would be there the following Monday to get my money back and I got a phone call right back. He told me he...
  4. 15 fore fuel system issue ?

    Just an FYI, Fore does not manufacture the fuel pumps in their systems. The pumps are Walboro and as stated may have had some bad production runs.
  5. 7.85 @174 1/4mile with my 10r80

    I did but after consulting the cost for the trans, new dash, shifter, converter, DS, processor, pedal assembly, steering wheel, trans cooler/lines and other associated parts plus installed was just too much. Better off starting with a new platform. You know sum I don’t?
  6. 7.85 @174 1/4mile with my 10r80

    Congratulations man!🍻. I’m in the market for an A10 mustang but have heard crazy things about the trans holding. Does yours have aftermarket parts in it or just clutches to hold that kind of power?
  7. Horesepower needed to beat a bike

    My ‘06 ZX14 held off a 750 HP 2014 GT twice and in a stretch from a 60 roll up to about 150 and then we let off.
  8. Maryland 2018 Premium Gen5 Whipple GT - for sale

    I’d love to but don’t want to rack miles up on it. Plus my luck something would hit it or something stupid like that.
  9. Maryland 2018 Premium Gen5 Whipple GT - for sale

    I'm actually in Northern Virginia area not that far from Maryland. I lived in Maryland for about 18 years and moved to Virginia for about 4 years now. The car has catalytic converters on it and passes emissions here in Virginia no problem. That is why when I first put it all together...
  10. Maryland 2018 Premium Gen5 Whipple GT - for sale

    Year: 2018 Trim: GT Premium Color: Shadow Black Transmission: 6spd Manual MT82 Mileage: 2940 Modifications: Whipple Gen5 10 Rib kit PBD K-2 alternator brace ATI 20% OD balancer 3.625” blower pulley Brisk 1 Heat Range Colder Plugs Ngauge Tuner Palm Beach Dyno E85 ID 1050X injectors Fore E85 kit...
  11. A friend is looking for a '14 GT500

    Would he be interested in a ‘13?
  12. Fore fuel system issue

    Make sure you have enough fuel in the tank. A friend had this same issue and was basically out of fuel
  13. Procharger D1X = 8.43 @ 159

    Yes I did see the video and can tell it will run quicker. Very good stuff man.
  14. Procharger D1X = 8.43 @ 159

    Straight gangsta shit man. Kudos to you and your build.
  15. Anyone running high flow cats with whipple?

    Adamone92, I will definitely take some photos to see if there are any melted pieces, missing, broken and all that. I was told by Dustin Whipple that I may have had about 20-30 RWHP lost because of those at that boost level. Since I run E85, the fuel smell is not all that bad but regular...
  16. Anyone running high flow cats with whipple?

    I’ve seen the same threads BEFORE I even went this route and know all the risks involved. Not sure if you read where I said I am ordering an off road H pipe soon for replacement. The CAT system was for the initial run since the car has to be inspected yearly. Now getting the new ORH pipe, I...
  17. Anyone running high flow cats with whipple?

    They have been on my car since September 2018 with no ill feels or effects yet. I do plan to order a replacement off road H pipe later this year, early spring but as of now, I have never taken them back off to check because the car runs like a raped ape just like the first day I installed the CATS.
  18. Anyone running high flow cats with whipple?

    I have the Whipple 3.0 with a full MBRP LTs, their high flow CATS and cat back system. Car put down 980 RWHP thru the CATS as well.