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  1. Rock&Roll

    Dog Rides in Back

    My German Shepherd use to jump on every car she went into so I never let her ride in the Mustang in fear that she would scratch up the car and there's all that hair she would shed :crying: She use to ride in my Truck until the wife said I could use her Subaru. Hell yes
  2. Rock&Roll

    How long do you plan on keeping your S550?

    Until I'm Dead. I can't afford another cool car.
  3. Rock&Roll

    Best Dashcam

    I got this for $57 mainly because it's so small you can't really see it in the car unless you look for it. I've had it 2 and half years and it works fine...
  4. Rock&Roll

    Tire Pressure Sensors

    Mine are exact. My Truck ... each tire is way off 3-10 lbs depending on what tire.
  5. Rock&Roll

    10 Speed Auto or 6 Speed Manual, what say you?

    All the fun is in that stick If I had physical limitations I’d go for a Automatic but I’m good for now and I’m thankful that I can own this awesome car with a stick
  6. Rock&Roll

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Went for a ride to make sure I still have a cool car :sunglasses: sorry no pics :camera:
  7. Rock&Roll

    Removing High Performance Ecoboost Rear Badge

    Why would you want to remove that :sunglasses:
  8. Rock&Roll

    Goodbye to Ford...2018 Mustang Gt ownership

    Man that sucks all them problems I don t blame you OP My car has been really good and Its a stick so no problems there and I don't get the MT82 hate but whatever. FORD Dealers and Customer service does suck really bad. :angry: Are all dealers for all cars that bad ?
  9. Rock&Roll

    What's so Special about a California???????

    Everyone is moving out of California why would you want that ? Imagine if they had a New York edition Mustang. You get a ticket and the radio tells the cop to F off and Sync 3 video tapes it all and edits the footage to make the cop look bad . Both states suck and I live in New York
  10. Rock&Roll

    Replacement AGM Battery?

    Mine is fine as well and I don't plan on replacing it until it dies but I was curious about the programming thing. I'm hoping that if and when it dies it will be in my garage or I'm parked on a hill so I can roll start the car but I'm not really worried about it to be honest.
  11. Rock&Roll

    Replacement AGM Battery?

    Thanks for the reply. My car is 5 years old and may need a battery in the future.
  12. Rock&Roll

    Replacement AGM Battery?

    I just can’t stomach the idea of going back to my Ford dealer. They suck so bad I wouldn’t trust them for anything
  13. Rock&Roll

    Replacement AGM Battery?

    So if your battery dies you cant just replace it like a normal car ?
  14. Rock&Roll

    Help me in choosing my next mustang, gt or ecoboost?

    V8 when I bought mine it was either V8 or nothing. My ego is to fragile yo drive a 4 cylinder Mustang :) even though the ecoboost is a pretty awesome car and more affordable. and every time you start the car you hear that awesome V8 and your glad you found the extra money to make it happen.
  15. Rock&Roll

    How often should you drive a car? (Edit: To prevent a dead battery or deterioration from disuse)

    I drive her once a week for 15 minutes . I bring it up to temp and then I beat her a little. I quess I should drive a little longer according to this thread. I’m okay with that :)
  16. Rock&Roll

    Why did you get a manual

    I’d never buy a car like this with a automatic. I have no doubt the A10 is fast and great but all the fun is in the stick for me :)
  17. Rock&Roll

    Experience with your Ford dealer Service Department?

    4 things 1. My 1st free oil change they put in 7 quarts of oil instead of 8. I noticed this when I got home and had to put another quart in. 2. Gave me the wrong bolts twice when I got my Strut Tower brace. 2nd time they insisted it was me and that I just need to use more elbow grease...
  18. Rock&Roll

    Ecoboost owners/ mechanics , what is cheaper? A rebuild, or a used engine?

    Man that sucks I'm curious. How many miles and any idea why the motor went > Where you beating on it excessively or something ? I thought those motors where pretty reliable.
  19. Rock&Roll

    So thinking of trading the Mustang....

    He’s so unhappy. Maybe he should get a girlfriend instead