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  1. Performance nut

    How the times are changing (OPMustang)

    I remember the time when you would get hats, t-shirts, and all sorts of cool swag from various vendors with a purchase. Today is a first for me. I believe the proper name is a neck gaiter. I just know them as the thing people wear around their necks and pull over your face. Never have to worry...
  2. Performance nut

    Torsen vs standard Traction lok LSD differential pros and cons?

    So I have had both in my 2018. Came with the 3.15 traction loc and I just swapped to a 3.73 Torsen. The differences in a straight line are pretty minimal. In the turns, it is much more noticeable, especially from a stop/slow speed where you accelerate. Better control, better grip. Only odd...
  3. Performance nut

    Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    Drove both (not test drives but rentals). It literally boiled down to this for me: Camaro pros: Exhaust sounds way better modified than the Coyote Camaro cons [Opinion] its ugly as sin and it keeps getting uglier Severe blindspots Other than that, they are a toss up. Average Joe won't notice...
  4. Performance nut

    Steeda's Race Car Development - Build Thread

    How hardcore... something that makes dual comps feel like a Cadillac?
  5. Performance nut

    Cabinet hardware - what is this

    Wasn't a fella... and I'm not sure. It wasn't really attached by much. All I found that was holding it together were thin wires like staples. No idea how they assembled it so it why I'm looking for alternatives.
  6. Performance nut

    Cabinet hardware - what is this

    We had a blank panel that was immediately under our stove top. One of our friends mistook it for a drawer and yanked on it too hard and popped it off. I considered using screws to put it back on (coming from the inside point out) but wife asked if we do a hidden drawer for utensils. We have...
  7. Performance nut

    BMR k member road race version

    Nothing against Steeda, love their stuff and their folks. Though folks like variety and competition. Drives for improvement and cost. Personally I like the black BMR offers over the blue that Steeda uses. Though I suck it up when it comes to getting the right parts. I'll take function over...
  8. Performance nut

    How bad is it

    Yep. Its been fill, drive with heater on, fill, drive with heater on, fill... and it's 70F here during the day. Not fun driving with the heater on. Apparently when I had my aftermarket radiator installed, the guy who did it didn't add coolant. Not happy at all about this.
  9. Performance nut

    How bad is it

    My coolant was low so I went and got some concentrate today and started adding. The shop I bought it from is an OEM distributor so I figured they would know their stuff. I thought it odd that it was green when I was pouring it in. VC-13-G is what they sold me. I thought the coolant was orange...
  10. Performance nut

    Lose the traction-loc

    Finally swapped the Torsen diff. Wow what a difference. I knew the Torsen was better but man the rear end is much better. And knowing that there are better yet... makes me curious about rebuilding my 3.15 rear end later. Good stuff. One thing was noticed during the swap. There is a silver tinge...
  11. Performance nut

    Best High Flow Replacement Cat?

    Yep but you need to size them yourself and custom fab your exhaust. No doubt they are good though.
  12. Performance nut

    Best High Flow Replacement Cat?

    But it will stink to high heaven. And if the shop isn't completely clueless will know that the cats don't work. Depends on your threshold for custom work, there are options. Green cats are popular and Kooks has them as an option for their headers. I had these on my 2016, slightly increased...
  13. Performance nut

    Performance shop in San Antonio

    The shop I normally use isn't responding to calls or email. I like 210 but they are clear on the other side of town. Any other good performance shops in SA?
  14. Performance nut

    Stripping and polishing Apex wheels

    Has anyone stripped and polished their Apex wheels? I kind of like the colors they like but I think a polished look would be better.
  15. Performance nut

    Painting spoiler

    After awhile, I think I would like my rear spoiler to match the body color rather than be black. I'm considering doing it myself. Wow, factory matched paint is expensive when you add up primer, base coat, and top coat. Anyone have their spoilers repainted? If so how much did you pay? If you did...
  16. Performance nut

    Race Louver Fender Vents

    I'm definitely interested in your results at COTA. Keep us posted :)
  17. Performance nut

    I'm in love

    I was the same way when they axed the pop up headlights... and then I remembered how much of a pain they really were (winking Corvettes). I really don't like certain styling cues on the C7 but others like them. I guess you can't win them all. :)
  18. Performance nut

    I'm in love

    Spotted my first 2020 Corvette in person today... hella sexy
  19. Performance nut

    New to SA area looking for decent E85 station

    I've had good luck with the Valero's in my area. I'm over on the other side of you though.
  20. Performance nut

    Griots Garage heavy duty wheel cleaner

    Just to sort of end the debate, this is just a review of the product. What works for me may not work for the next person. I find that brake dust is a beast to get off completely no matter what method I use. This has been the best on vehicle cleaning product I have used so far. Are there better...