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  1. NoReins

    FACTORY FITMENT Master Spoiler/Wing Thread

    basically any spoilers that sit flush on top of the decklid will re-use the factory holes from a Fastback If you get a pedestal style spoiler, you may have some existing holes visible once installed. Also if your car is a GT/CS, and replaced the pedestal spoiler with another spoiler, like a...
  2. NoReins

    Roush Stage 3 Hood Heat Extractors

    Wouldnt be surprised that some of their special parts for the Stage 3 or Jack Roush Edition will be only exclusive to those cars. Kind of like why you cant get the 2018+ Upper Grille, but you can get the Lower Grille stuff. Probably the only way to get those parts is if you can prove you have...
  3. NoReins

    American Muscle Disappointment

    I havent any issues with AM for awhile. I had some issues with CJ lately, they kept sending me the wrong part, so that was annoying. I asked them since you kept sending me the wrong thing, can you give me a discount on the next level product (maybe like $20 more). they were like we will issue...
  4. NoReins

    Mach 1 Hood Stripe

    Could check with some of your local vinyl shops to see if they can do it for you.
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    I added a Super Snake Sport to my Shelby Garage

    Shelby does a few different trucks. 1. Shelby F-150 Raptor 2. Shelby F-150 Super Snake which is probably what you saw 3. Shelby F-150 Super Snake Sport which is the truck in this post 4. Shelby F-150 Off-Road which looks like the F-150 Super Snake, but it is the off-road version I believe the...
  6. NoReins

    Ford Nationals 2020 (June 5th - June 7th)

    Gotcha, i usually pre-registered for this show, but due to this "mess" that is going on, i am going to registered when i get there this weekend.
  7. NoReins

    Ford Nationals 2020 (June 5th - June 7th)

    So are they expecting more cars than last year? With the Canadian/US Border being closed, plus some of the people that want to play it safe with the Covid.....there will be a good crowd (Chrysler Nationals had like 2200 cars), but i dont think it will be like last year
  8. NoReins

    2021+ GT500R (KR) ?

    Maybe Shelby American will come out with a SuperSnake version.
  9. NoReins

    vicerz? anyone have any of their products

    You should watch some of her other videos. She says Vicrez two different ways haha.
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    Disappointed in CJ Pony Parts

    Dont want to make excuses for companies, but Online Retail Sites is doing great in sales, but is still struggling due to the Pandemic. This could be the results of a few things 1) Companies laid off/furloughed people before the pandemic started so they are short on staff 2) Once the Stimulus...
  11. NoReins

    Drake 18'+ "Diffuser", anyone?

    Would you happen to know when the Rear Diffuser and Wicker Bill Rear Spoiler will be back in stock? It seems everywhere i go, it is out of stock
  12. NoReins

    Convertible 2020-21 GT500 Photos

    The Rear Bumper is definitely a 2018+ Bumper, since the Rear Diffuser and License Plate area is shaped differently compared to a 2015-2017 Mustang To bad he couldnt get a quick shot of the interior because that would definitely provided some answers
  13. NoReins

    Convertible 2020-21 GT500 Photos

    Dont think anyone has done a full blown GT500 conversion yet with OEM Parts. The Front of the car has the 2015-2017/GT350/GT500 Headlights. The Rear Bumper is definitely a 2018+ Bumper because the license plate area is shaped differently on the 2018+ bumper compared to the 15-17 Bumper. The Hood...
  14. NoReins

    I may have done it! Possibly decent looking caliper covers for rear

    they dont look to bad....guy got to be careful tho. If he is not using a Ford Licensee Agreement he will get burned by Ford if they come across these
  15. NoReins

    2018 Roush Upper Grille Insert

    Yea especially for the 2015-2017 Mustangs you can get the whole front end kit. Roush does this for their F-150 Grilles as well. Which i understand, but i rather have one of their Grilles instead of the Faux Raptor Grilles
  16. NoReins

    Hagerty insurance for my 15 GT

    If yall go with the Collector Car insurance route, check out Grundy. Never had an issue with them. One of my cars got into an accident (hit and run), week letter an adjuster came out to inspect the damage then a few days after that got a check for the damages.
  17. NoReins

    Did the Shift Knob Size Change for 2020?

    I have heard a "rumor" that the 2020 GT350 factory Shifter Thread Size is no longer a 10mm x 1.25 and now its a 12mm x 1.25 thread. I being trying to confirm to see if it is true or not but coming up empty. I even tried looking for the factory 2020 GT350 Shift Knob and Shifter part# on some...
  18. NoReins

    Called CJ Pony Parts, 45 min wait time...

    Unfortunately calling into Customer Services the wait time may be minimal or it can be a long wait. Just depends on how many people they have staffed that day or the number of calls in the queue. I think one wait time i did was about 30 minutes. I needed to get something resolved that day, and...
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    “Eleanor Type” GT350 Front Aux Lighting

    I kinda dig the wheels
  20. NoReins

    Limited-Edition Shelby GT350, GT350R Heritage Edition Package

    Did anyone else happen to be at Barrett-Jackson this past weekend and took any photos of the Heritage Edition GT350?