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  1. robwlf

    BMR Tech Tip: Check those axle-to-spindle retaining nuts!

    so after all the new nuts and all the hassle.. i just did , gt350 half shafts and 2 new rear wheel bearings while i was there, and new axle nuts , clicking is gone totally... bearings were in good shape no noise or anything when rotating when i pulled them out. but i wanted to be safe then...
  2. robwlf

    Forum Member Gratitude Thread

    anytime, glad i could help
  3. robwlf

    Clutch for Supercharged Daily Driver

    i heard a lot of people have prob with the rxt,s there to aggressive for a stock mt-82 to handle .. rst would be the best bet, but im going spec next spring always loved spec clutches myself
  4. robwlf

    Oregon Lund NGauge SOLD

    this sold yet ? id want it to monitor my stuff for the time being till i get it tuned
  5. robwlf

    Clutch for Supercharged Daily Driver

    few of my buddies have a mcleod, not the rxt think its a rst they like it.... and my other buddy has a spec he likes thats as well ive had spec clutches in like 3 cars ive owned and there a nice clutch.... when mine goes ill be going spec as well
  6. robwlf

    BMR Minimal Drop Kit Review

    i didnt need any, they speced my alignment to gt350 and its fine think im -1.8 front -1.5 rear camber wise zero toe front and total toe is similar to factory handles well straight as a arrow on the highway
  7. robwlf

    Roush Blower with Velossa Tech Snorkel for more whine?

    it will work but the prob is you'll be pulling in hot air when you are at a stop a go.. highway you'll be fine but traffic your air temp is gunna go through the roof ... ask me how i know lol
  8. robwlf

    Snap/Click from driver's rear suspension

    i have the same prob shop i deal with, work related . looked at it said 99% its half shafts so i got gt350 shafts and new wheel bearing ready to go in just need the weather to warm up ,,figured id do the bearing while im in there
  9. robwlf

    BMR Minimal Drop Kit Review

    i run them as well on pp struts and shocks i wish the back was just a tad lower, when i do new struts and shocks i might go with the eibach pro kit
  10. robwlf

    California Selling APR Front Splitter for Base/non-performance

    wish it fit a pp id be all over it glws
  11. robwlf

    Bumper grill clip fix

    3m epoxy will work for sure they have different ones for work time needed 2 min, 4 min 6 min its a 2 part tube we use it in work from time to time
  12. robwlf

    305/35r20 on eibach sportline springs?

    na youll be good i was thinking of switching to sportlines myself width its the issue its the offset i run 20x11 rear with 55 offset with 305/35 and 20x10 front 33 offset with a 275/35 im on bmr springs and have a good amount of room still
  13. robwlf

    10.69 at 133.70 at Atco

    damn i knew i should have went to test and tune over the weekend.. think it was this past weekend.. i cant run till i get my half shafts in but ,always nice to get the blood going being there
  14. robwlf

    OPG & CS Installation Poll -- Have you upgraded these parts?

    long as your not bouncing of the rev limiter every shift youll be fine ,2017 pp, stage 1 roush, stock opg, been boosted for 22k miles. and i dont baby her.. shes been great
  15. robwlf

    Senior S550 Owners Like Black Wheels?

    most welcome , you'll have smiles for miles .. gl and if ya have anymore questions feel free to hit me up
  16. robwlf

    Senior S550 Owners Like Black Wheels?

    i have them on my car your going to loove how they look specailly if your lowered a bit
  17. robwlf

    2017 GT...time to supercharge

    my 17 is roush stage 1 . has been for 15k miles never a prob drives like factory till ya get into it im stage 1 atm... doing gt350 half shafts this spring then prob going stage 2 its perfect for what i use it for .. nice day car..spirited driving just fun and reliable , think im gunna go...
  18. robwlf

    TVS Mustang Rough cold start

    sounds like a vac issue get a smoke test done, im tvs also and have no issue with cold starts.. carb cleaner will only do so much...but a smoke test will pin point where the leak is .. if there is a leak.. could also be a throttle body prob. i dont know if theres a relearn process like dodge...
  19. robwlf

    Aggressive Fitment Thread

    na a 295/35 would fit nice on that size rim if you wanted wide go 305/35 on a 11 inch wide thats what im running
  20. robwlf

    Steering Rack Stops & Clamps Kit needed for 20" wheels?

    im running 20s and didnt need to use it and went from stockl pp rims to 20x10 front and 20x11 rear , i dont know y they would even say you needed that