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  1. Ninjak

    2020/21 Shelby GT500 Financing (Interest Rates)

    Will say what others have said. Use a CU if you belong to one, or even if you do not. You can get great rates from them. My 350 was done at a CU, I used the auto advisor to find my 350, bought it at fleet pricing, 2% loan.
  2. Ninjak

    GT350 Hits 172 MPH on the Autobahn

    I wish I would have my GT over there now, when I was stationed, I had a 85 Supra. She would go, I had it retumed for Germany, but man, I would love to take the 350 out. Was station in Frankfurt. 18th MP. 90~95
  3. Ninjak

    Have you named your GT350?

    All of my vehicles have names. The GT350 name name is in my sig and side panel. Sasha Black GT350 Black Ops Betty (Big Betty) F150 Valencia 1968 GT A Ol Yella (Esmeralda) 1964.5 Coupe
  4. Ninjak

    so many used 2020 GT500's are for sale now...seems odd to me, 76 of them posted on Autotrader alone.

    Well I can say I have finally driven both cars and at speed on a track. No I am no track guy, I am at the lowest levels of novice...If I would compare it to WOW I am like level 10 when the level cap is 60. That said, driving both, I can say I still like my GT350. Shifting gears at speed is...
  5. Ninjak

    2nd Blown Modified GT500? This time it's Stangmode with Hulk!

    Well I doubt he will have issues fixing it, but these conspiracies sound about as crazy as some other ones floating around. Nobody "wants" to blow their car on purpose....the reason for the people being around was for his first "Gumball Rally Style" even he was having, complete with POLICE...
  6. Ninjak

    Hellhorse vs Hellion vs Fathouse Fab

    Hellion is a nice kit for sure. Just need to make sure you get a good shop to install it. Boostworks has had a lot of issues, but they have seemed to finally get their logistics together. Their kit kit looks pretty good. I do not know about Hellhorse or the other one mention here. If you have...
  7. Ninjak

    Mach 1 a higher performer than the 350?

    I received this info straight from the head of Ford projects and the head of engineering. He even showed me moch up's of the shaker installed. It seems they cut the hood, and then match the paint over. It will be fully functional with the cold air intake. The reason it was not put in from...
  8. Ninjak

    Mach 1 a higher performer than the 350?

    I just saw the car at the Shelby N America event at NC Charlotte Speedway. Interesting car, and Ford talked it up along with the HI-PO Ecoboost. They did stop short of it taking a GT350 or a GT500, but they did put it on the pedestal. Interesting as well is that Ford will sanction a 3rd party...
  9. Ninjak

    Got that 9 second pass in our 2020 GT500

    Very nice. Good job
  10. Ninjak

    Lund E85r vs. Lund Flex tune

    Love my Flex on my car. E85 is pretty common in S. FL. The best station for me is right up the street.
  11. Ninjak

    Selling my 2020 base model GT500

    GLWS. MAn that's very nice. As for the 60's I suggest a 67 or 68. I know my 68 coupe has scratch a itch and IO been having a lot of fun working and driving it.
  12. Ninjak

    Ford... What is your problem? GT500 owners, you need to read these quality control issues...

    Hail the 351w ! I love my 351 in my 68 and my 65 stangs. You can do a lot with them, and make it mild to wild. Though I have to say I am more tilted to the "wild" side of things :)
  13. Ninjak

    I added a Super Snake Sport to my Shelby Garage

    My dealer had one. It has the different rims, (cragar style ?) also it was a 4 door and did not have the caltracks...maybe they did not put them on. It is a great looking truck for sure, but I think I'll stick to my off road types for now.
  14. Ninjak

    Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    Very nice. This was in my local dealer floor today while I was waiting for them to finish with Betty. Not the best shot, I did a quick snap..I guess I could edit it...but you get what it is. Price was 126k.
  15. Ninjak

    Track Attack (take 2) Oct 15th!

    Have fun guys and be safe. I will be there on the 20th date. Will be my first time going to one of these events so I am looking forward to it.
  16. Ninjak

    2016 Shelby GT350 Widebody Fathouse Build

    345's Hmm will those even fit in the lanes ??? That's a very nice ride.
  17. Ninjak

    L1663, GT500 CFTP, the story

    LOL Stanglife I'll take Porsche for a 1000
  18. Ninjak

    Billy Johnson Daytona video

    Wow that was nice. What HB said is what I noticed as well. I just thought it was maybe something else, but compared to other video's of people driving, it sounded as he was in a different part of the tach in most of his turns and coming out. Still learning the road course stuff, always nice to...
  19. Ninjak

    What did you do to your GT350 today?

    That looks good. Nicely done.
  20. Ninjak

    What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Cleaned her up, drove it to the office, put her back up. The 68 has been taking up the weekends as of late.....but that's why I have her. The 350 is pretty much done, all I can is make her faster. Well I can do other things, but she is fine as she sits for me.