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    Well for all of those purchasing, I know a huge chunk of this threads posters will eventually sell. This may be an invalid sale to register in your mind, but for reference sake- why not? Magnetic Metallic Base 2016 GT PP Bought new: 31.5k OTD Sold 4500 mi & 8 months later: 29k Garage kept...
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    Need mechanical and spiritual advice.

    I wouldn't be too worried about it. You're talking about a car they've made tons of and even then it's replaceable. Your life isn't so you should feel blessed in that regard. I wouldn't run out to purchase anything you don't feel is "you". I would buy a beater for a couple grand and then wait...
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    Poor resale value

    For future purposes, I just sold my 4600 mi lightly modded Base PP GT for 29k. It sold within 18 hours and had 3 buyers lined up if the first did not come thru. It clearly could of sold for more. But nevertheless, there is still some value in these cars.
  4. Agent_S550

    2016 Mustang GT PP Garage Queen $29.8k

    Car has received a deposit and is on hold till next week. Thanks for all of the interest.
  5. Agent_S550

    2016 Mustang GT PP Garage Queen $29.8k

    Added a few more photos
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    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Put it up for sale.
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    Door latch recall - Parts are in

    Hm. I've never seen a recall done in a take your parts home kind of way. I believe safety items are more stringent on this as technically Ford is responsible if they make a crap design and the doors fall off the car. I'd be surprised if they would let you DIY. But it's always worth a try.
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    2016 Mustang GT PP Garage Queen $29.8k

    SOLD Entertaining selling my car. I bought it brand new last year and have kept it stored in a garage. It's tastefully modded, low miles (4,612) and is not a daily driver. It's had minor paint correction (clay bar, polish, sealant, wax) done on it within the first two weeks of owning it. I...
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    Paxton vs Whipple for hot climate?

    I have to concur. It's like comparing your IAT2's to ambient temp on the dash. "Well it says its 80 degrees outside, so theoretically I should be like you know.. 90 degrees on my IAT's". If you don't have a sensor plumbed in to post-charged manifold, your values will be greatly off.
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    Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Actually you can turn the seat belt light/dinger reminder off in As-Built. I have on mine and it's glorious.
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    OPG & Crank Gear

    Depends on what labor rate you're paying. And that is dictated alone by the type of shop your getting a quote from. Dealerships will always be high- unless they scale back total labor hours. Performance shops like Hypermotive/Beefcake/Livernois/Lethal will be cheaper and generally have...
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    First service gone wrong

    Once upon a time, in order to sell any SVT related you had to have a certified Tech that specifically went to their training courses. And even then, only they could do the work on the cars. Your average trained Ford Tech's are actually pretty good at their job. The problem is when specialty...
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    I guarantee this is one of the strangest tire issues you've ever seen!

    Hey you're in Charleston! So am I. Welcome to the wrench in your tire club. Saw it all the time when I worked at Firestone on JI in college.
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    Has anyone installed a keypad?

    Milan does not equal a Mustang. It's a different grade of car when you consider its likelihood to be stolen.
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    Muscle, meet precision. The AWE Mustang Performance Line: NOW LIVE

    If this exhaust is in the 1k range I'll be sold. That and if it sounds good. Would also love to see it in a quad tip setup
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    Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    This whole being responsible thing while buying a house sucks. I want one of these.
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    Paxton vs Whipple for hot climate?

    Heat soak is inevitable with boosted cars. Despite it all, even turbo/centri cars experience heat soak. I truly believe you should be more considerate of your goals/power/torque curves than anything. Boosted cars are inherently always fighting heat. However, there are plenty of ways to fight it...
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    Why don't comp cams lope on our GT's?

    Well I'm 27 this year, so technically you're an old fart compared to me :cheers:
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    What mod

    Springs. Absolutely. Call up Steeda or BMR. Can't go wrong with either. Despite my previous love affair, Eibach is not as great on these cars as either of the two above. I love my ultralites and have heard nothing but great things about BMR's offerings. Definitely go Linear
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    Why don't comp cams lope on our GT's?

    While a fan of cam lope.. cam lope and power are not exclusive to one another. The tighter the LSA (lobe separation angle), the larger the "lope" noise generally speaking. But also with that tight LSA, you also receive crap drive ability and mileage. Given that Coyote's can adjust cam timing...