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  1. Flare65

    Is the Performance Package worthwhile?

    I think it depends on what you want to do with the car. I skipped the active exhaust and magna ride. Mine is just a cruiser. To each their own.
  2. Flare65

    Cars & Coffee - Chicago March 7th

    I'm interested but its too soon to pull the car cover off and the road is still covered in salt.
  3. Flare65

    How to clean my convertible top?

    Ok, you sold me. I'll buy some of the 303 stuff this spring and give it a shot.
  4. Flare65

    Remote Control Mustang ...

    Tamiya kits have been around a long time. When I was 10 my father and I build a Tamiya hornet off road buggy. Had a lot of fun with it. The RC hobby has changed drastically. If I had a spare 650.00 laying around I'd buy this one:
  5. Flare65

    How to clean my convertible top?

    Just a follow up on my experiance with the Chemical Guy's convertible top protectant.... I rinsed the car down and made sure to rinse the top. It seemed like water beaded up a little in some areas and not in others. Overall, I'm a bid dissapointed. I'm unsure if I need to apply more or just...
  6. Flare65

    ISO '18-'19 GT Vert 6spd "Cash in Hand"

    It is! Totally underrated!
  7. Flare65

    ISO '18-'19 GT Vert 6spd "Cash in Hand"

    Congrats! Glad you found what you were looking for! Now you gotta post photos so we all can see!
  8. Flare65

    ISO '18-'19 GT Vert 6spd "Cash in Hand"

    I would imagine the lions share of 18-19 GT convertibles will be auto. Still, you might want to be more specific to what is the "right one" to you. Would it have the 401a? Premium wheels? specific colors you would consider? FYI, I'm not selling mine!
  9. Flare65

    2020 Mustang GT Convertible PP1 Questions

    I skipped the PP1, active exhaust, and the Magnaride when I ordered my 18' GT convertible. Don't regret the decision at all. At the time, getting the PP1 forced you into black rims. I like black rims on a black car, but any other color I prefer more of a natural metal looking rim. I loved...
  10. Flare65

    How to clean my convertible top?

    I just did this over the weekend. I tried the Chemical Guys convertible top cleaner and protectant. Used a soft horse hair brush to lightly work the cleaner over the fabric and then rinsed it off completely. I let the top dry off overnight in the garage and then I used some drop cloths to...
  11. Flare65

    Positive and Negative Wires in Rear View Mirror

    I'm not interested in doing this with a radar detector, but would love to power a dash cam through the mirror. Does anyone know if there is cable like one used in the video that has a mini-usb plug on it?
  12. Flare65

    Man Breaks Solo Cannonball Run Record in Rental Mustang GT

    Am I the only one who read the story and was wondering how he was able to whip it out and piss in a Poweraide bottle while driving? I can see someone doing this in some large SUV, but from the drivers seat of a Mustang???
  13. Flare65

    What's your current milage at?

    18' GT. 3,100 miles. Thinking of doing the second oil change soon. She only gets driven on nice days and stored winters.
  14. Flare65

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I think it looks perfect the way it is! If you really want to spend money on it, maybe some go-fast parts for under the hood.
  15. Flare65

    'Eleanor' Mustang Tribute Build Seized by Gone in 60 Seconds Trademark Holder

    Totally disagree. I liked the original Gone in 60 Seconds way better than the Nick Cage version. The remake suffered from way waaaay too much character development and not enough action. The second act of the film is just dull and boring. Like most actresses in Hollywood these days...
  16. Flare65

    A Prius tried to crawl into my trunk

    Wow, sorry this happened, but the damage looks very repairable.
  17. Flare65

    Convertible owners!!

    Wow, that's a sharp looking vert! I like the color combo of the stripes and interior. Love the rims too! Let me know how that top protectant application goes. I'm torn between that Walmart one, the 3M Scotch guard, and the convertible top spray that 303 protectant offers. I assume our tops...
  18. Flare65

    How many test-drive miles on a new manual car is your limit?

    Mine had 8 miles on it. My wifes new Honda Passport had 6 miles on it. Both were special orders.
  19. Flare65

    Some guys seemingly tried to steal my 19 GT

    Can someone explain what a "Faraday Pouch" is? Is it some kind of bag that blocks communication between the keyfob and car?
  20. Flare65

    After you bought a used Mustang . What's the strangest thing you found in it?

    Not a Mustang, but back when I was finishing up high school my father bought a 77' Corvette. It needed interior work badly so we started pulling out the seats and carpet. In the area behind the seats under the carpet we found a 'slim jim' used to pop open car doors. We also found some old...