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  1. Mach 1 to GT to GT350

    Hah I think the exact same when it comes to stripes on this car. Same with a lot of other mods out there that detract from simplicity.
  2. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Right...I got excited when putting some PSC tires on my car. I can see how an MGW shifter can be exciting. I can't imagine getting excited about a coolant reservoir or cap.
  3. Selling gt350.. do you let someone test drive?

    The E92 is the last of the "good" M3s, with the E46 being the best. Once they went M4 with turbos, it's a drastically different driving experience. Don't be tempted just because the previous gen is good. You should find out for yourself of course and i'd be curious what you think.
  4. I did it again, could not help myself... bought another car

    No need to apologize or fear of getting slammed. It's an appropriate observation. The E92 has ITBs, a great induction noise, and a very unique exhaust note for a V8. BMW M cars of that era and before were the complete package. They were great driver's cars that appeal to everything you said. I...
  5. I did it again, could not help myself... bought another car

    Wow you had an E46 M3 CSL? How do you move up from that other than doing a manual swap? I love the E46 M3, especially the CSL. You can't beat that induction noise and that engine is glorious.
  6. Oil overheating at track

    Streets doesn't have that long of straights so there's not a lot of cooldown area with high aero. With a heavy car like the Mustang that relies on massive tire for grip, consumables and engine temps can get up there if it's raging hot like it has been. I've only been there with my M3, but with...
  7. Oil overheating at track

    I remember my first and last time there in September, probably 10 years ago. I told myself this is the last time i'm going to this track in the summer and will wait until October to begin tracking again. Props to you for tracking there in August! I will not track in >100 F heat!
  8. How do you make your GT350 stand out?

    I'm curious what people are willing to do to their cars. Then I saw and judge hard but they can do whatever they want. I'm happy it drew a response from you though. It makes me feel special. By the way, that's an interesting percentage to pull out of the air. I must've missed the study conducted...
  9. Considering 2020 GT350/R, or waiting...

    LOL seriously...both stereotypes are true and bad. At least the Corvette is more of a sports car throughout its lineage. The same cannot be said for the POS rental car image.
  10. Why didn’t they put the Shelby letters on the back deck lid ?

    LOL awesome reply. Driving enthusiasts are interested in the car, not how they appear to the public. It's great the GT350 team recognized the cheese of Mustang design was the laughing stock of other car enthusiast groups and went for a minimalist design. Let the car speak for itself.
  11. Excited to join the Shelby family with my GT350R

    I'm loving the red R with no stripes. Way to keep it clean!
  12. Lowering GT350R it worth it? (Eibach, FP and BMR)

    Where's the paralysis? You don't like backing up decisions using data? When you hang photos on a wall, do you just slap them up there and eyeball it? Screw measuring! Just keep trying until you visually like it. Don't mind all the holes in the wall.
  13. Ford out GM in with FPC

    LOL seriously...might as well go to the tenth of a decimal next time.
  14. How do you make your GT350 stand out?

    Holy crap people. Less is more! Some of the things shown here are cringe worthy.
  15. So-Cal GT350/R Owners: Where are you?

    I'm on the fence depending on where you guys meet up and time.
  16. So-Cal GT350/R Owners: Where are you?

    I'm planning to go to San Clemente cars and coffee this Saturday. Any GT350 owners interested?
  17. So-Cal GT350/R Owners: Where are you?

    South OC here, but you're right that I don't go outside the GT350 forum. It'd be cool to organize a drive to the Cars and Coffee in San Clemente on Saturday mornings.
  18. Shelby Coolant Reservoir Install

    Okay. I can't find the thread where people bling out their owners manual in the modded glovebox thread.