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  1. jcl78

    Wa cha think ‘15GT?

    I bought my 2016 GT PP1 Premium for $29,900 a year ago with 21K miles, which came with Sync 3. The 2015 will have Sync 2 which is less desirable for sure. That is a clean example with low low miles though, but I would think $27K is a tad more realistic.
  2. jcl78

    Pedal Commander

    Honestly I would avoid Pedal Commanders, I haven't heard of issues directly related to Mustangs, but over on the Toyota forums, several instances of Pedal Commanders sending too much voltage fried the ECU. It is just a risk to have your throttle position intercepted and boosted back to the ECU...
  3. jcl78

    Witnessed a new Mustang GT crash today

    Horrible news. RIP Sgt. Haley.
  4. jcl78

    Witnessed a new Mustang GT crash today

    Wow, crazy to see that, he was lucky to have you both there to assist so quickly. 13P here 96 - 2000.
  5. jcl78

    Putting this here because I can't find the ugly Mustang thread

    Guys, the vertical wing tips help with crosswinds and landing, so this dude is on to something. I think we are all just jealous :giggle:
  6. jcl78

    Probably buying this '15 GT which was rear ended, got the repair order, should I be concerned?

    I concur with this if you need another opinion, definitely walk.
  7. jcl78

    2021 Mustang Refresh Spied!

    I didn't see it mentioned, they are rocking the EU fat side mirrors as well. Talk about an eyesore. Yes, better for visibility, but ugh.
  8. jcl78

    Want to make car crazy fast ...

    I like to sit upright and loosen my torso, then slam the gas. It throws me into the seat every time :surprised:
  9. jcl78

    Elegant vs. Aggressive S550 Build?

    Congrats on the purchase! Styling is purely subjective, my suggestion is to look through the photos of all the member rides on this message board, there really are so many different interpretations of what the S550 Mustang can be. You will know what looks good to you, and you can start with...
  10. jcl78

    Just Comfort

    I agree, my winter DD is a 2008 FJ Cruiser with winter tires, which will get me anywhere when the snow falls, but it has no heated seats, no creature comforts. I have driven the Mustang in sub freezing temps (when no snow is in the forecast) most of December (albeit with the awesome Michelin...
  11. jcl78

    Michelin pilot sport A/S 3+ straight line traction?

    The A/S3+'s offer better response and grip than the crappy PZero's, in every temp. I am running the stock staggered PP1 sizes in the A/S3+, couldn't be happier. Like you, summer tires are a no go, as temps are averaging 25 - 47 degrees right now in CO. I will be running these A/S3+'s year round...
  12. jcl78

    Are posers and clickbait whores killing S550 and other muscle cars...

    I have said this in many other threads that I actually think the MT-82 is a good transmission, I have never had one issue with lock outs, missed shifts, etc. The one factor that is not spoken about is driver interaction. I am not saying it is always the driver's fault, but some of these cars are...
  13. jcl78

    How do you flip the front seat forward?

    That is my experience as well when my daughter goes in the Mustang, that back seat handle never works correctly.
  14. jcl78

    Taller Shift Knob

    I am with you on this, I have always found my shifter to work very well. Yes, notchy when cold, but as the MT82 warms up, it is fine. My car was built on Thursday though... so hmmm
  15. jcl78

    I went to the dragstrip in Milan MI yesterday. Here are the results:

    I never really thought of the S550 as a drag racing muscle car, it really is more of an all around handler with good power, more Euro really than pure American muscle. Ford would have stuck with the solid rear and had more drag racing packages like Dodge provides if it was intended to be drag...
  16. jcl78

    Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ Review

    Well, the A/S3+'s are installed, fantastic tire. They are very responsive, grippy, low noise and ride very well. I am a believer for sure.
  17. jcl78

    daily driver tires a/s or summer

    Yeah, I know there are much better summer tires than the crappy PZeros, however I am perfectly happy with the A/S3+ for year round use as I am not looking for a few tenths on a race track, just enjoying the car year round with one set of tires.
  18. jcl78

    daily driver tires a/s or summer

    Honestly, with the A/S3+'s, you won't be giving up much performance at all. I have read all the reviews, but now that I have them, I am a believer, these tires are amazing. I will be running them all year round and selling my PZeros.
  19. jcl78

    daily driver tires a/s or summer

    Yep, I agree, DWS06's or A/S3 + are the top of the heap for ultra performance A/S tires. DWS06's are a smoother ride and better in the snow and slush than A/S3+, A/S3+ are stiffer for better warm performance and steering response. Both are awesome, I chose the A/S3+ because I won't drive in the...
  20. jcl78

    How many winter drivers

    Your butt-dyno is correct! 37 degree inlet temp yesterday for me, the Stang loved the cooler, denser air.