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  1. Dntalman

    SCAMMER ALERT -SAM CONSTANTINO Anyone from Princeton or Bluefield West Virginia

    No I paid Money Gram.. That was a mistake.
  2. Dntalman

    Never thought I would have to post this....

    Damn waste of a good notch back Foxbody!
  3. Dntalman

    New Whipple Install! Only one issue!

    Not really the answer.… Sometime you just need a extra set of eyes to look over the problem with you. I think he does a lot of his own work. It sounds like your answer works good for you.. Whipple makes a great system. The ProCharger kit is a great system. He will enjoy the immediate torque and...
  4. Dntalman

    Whipple gen 3 any dyno results yet?

    I don’t run a Whipple on my S550 only because it’s a Roush. I have read several posts about the Gen III Whipple making around 60hp more than the Gen II system. Let’s see if Whipple SC will check in with some information.
  5. Dntalman

    Mustang spotted. Who's is it?

    Pretty car. If you start adding performance parts, you will really love it!
  6. Dntalman

    SCAMMER ALERT -SAM CONSTANTINO Anyone from Princeton or Bluefield West Virginia

    Last spoke to him on messenger. He will not answer his phone at all..
  7. Dntalman

    SCAMMER ALERT -SAM CONSTANTINO Anyone from Princeton or Bluefield West Virginia

    SCAMMER ALERT I bought a part from a guy in this area. I sent him the money and the pulley I owed him for the part I wanted. Now he is saying he sent it Monday. Should of been here Wednesday. He then said it should be here by Saturday. Nothing yet. He keeps saying he will give me the tracking...
  8. Dntalman

    Procharger kit sprays oil from the race valve even with Oil catch can

    He is exactly right.. I would go ahead and start on repairing. It’s only going to get worse. May even scar one of the cylinders.
  9. Dntalman

    ON3 Fuel system

    Sai Li has a pretty good kit for the money. Not sure of your HP goals. Hit him up on FaceBook.
  10. Dntalman

    Whipple Gen3 2.9L Dyno Results

    Whipple SC I think we are going to see some extremely fast Whipple Gen3 cars. With the effiency what it is, do you see a need to build a bigger head unit. The new supercharger for the 18 is a 3.0. I figure it just came out to that size after the design was finished. I see people complaining and...
  11. Dntalman

    Whipple Gen3 2.9L Dyno Results

    UNDERSTAND, WHIPPLE MAKES GREAT SUPERCHAGERS. QUESTIONS AND DEBATES ALLOW EVERYONE TO LEARN AND UNDERSTAND… That is a a big difference in pulley size on the upper. Making more boost with a bigger pulley happens when you go up in blower size. A good example is going from a 2.3 Whipple to a 3.4...
  12. Dntalman

    Whipple Gen3 2.9L Dyno Results

    You talking about your car? It is TVS powered! Good times!
  13. Dntalman

    Coming back to boost with a new Pc stage2 D1x...

    A few vendors have great custom grind blower cams. Would get a few extra ponies for sure.
  14. Dntalman

    Whipple Gen3 2.9L Dyno Results

    You may be right... Heat is not our friend.
  15. Dntalman

    Gain 225+HP!

    Here is a calculator.
  16. Dntalman

    Gain 225+HP!

    No skeptics here at all. To lower the duty cycle, you would need bigger injectors for 660 flywheel horsepower. It would take around 140% duty cycle. Call any of the other performance shops around and see what they tell you. Heck, you could call Auto Zone and get a more educated answer than the...
  17. Dntalman

    Whipple Gen3 2.9L Dyno Results

    I would love to see 19 degrees of timing at WOT. I see 17 degrees at WOT.
  18. Dntalman

    Whipple tune e.t.

    I like the sound you get with headers and stock mufflers. Does it sound good in person?
  19. Dntalman

    Boostworks Twin turbo kit track results

    Add a methanol kit. Will bring the temp down a lot.