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  1. Ford racing power pack 2 pricing

    Check if you have 93 octane in your area before buying. Otherwise you ran into a risk of detonation. I have removed mine. Can sell it so that it does not take space in the garage.
  2. 2018 GT MPG 87 vs. 93 octane

    There's a thread here at the forum with consumer reports article discussion testing cars on regular vs premium including s550. HP difference is literally very minimal.
  3. How bad are the stock 235 Pirellis for a road trip?

    Warm weather I'd say no issues. I autoXd and car control clinic'd on stock Pirellis with no issues. It's when it is cold and wet when I have to be cautious. zEven then once you warm them up they get better.
  4. I "think" Ford secretly allows Ceratec.

    Cool..Update us on the outcome. My plan is going down to 50-75 ml of ceratec next oil change. Currently on 150ml, no tick. I'm on prevention strategy - added ceratec before the tick started, but had it before the short block change.
  5. Just How Important Is the Traction Control?

    Just a general note - IMO on a Mustang these systems are not very pronounced. I had a BMW e90 and traction control was so intrusive, I hated it. It felt like the engine was loosing power during rains with TC light flashing on a dash all the time. I have a Subary and once I recklessly...
  6. Added FP PP2

    My car pings with FRPP2. I even re-installed it several times. Only 91 octane is available in my area. Oil catch cans improved the situation, also swapping MAF betwen intakes, but it's still there.
  7. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    Here's some sales numbers (first link I found on google). According to those 2 out of three buy a mustang.
  8. BBQ Tick Question

    Provide sources for your info. This forum investigated the issue for years and the source is not known. Ford does not provide any info on the source of the sound in TSB either. P.S. I remember theories similar to yours, but not quite the same though. P.P.S. The theory is interesting, but a lot...
  9. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    it was false alert luckily. i was working on an oil catch can and forgot to re plug a connector under the hood. Appears it was the one that is responsible for AC.
  10. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    I'm also among those who do not use it unless needed. Also had 0 issues with other cars with this pattern aside from BMW and Mustang. In both cases AC broke during winter inactivity.
  11. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    Also got extended warranty for my ride. Today I figured it will pay itself off. Glad it is winter and AC is not that critical right now.
  12. Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    My perception of this rivalry is that Mustang got more famous/iconic with Camaro being in the shadow but often excelling in many areas. Think of cognac vs brandy. I admit modern Camaro is better sports platform. Design wise Mustang is just better for me. More classic references to the legacy...
  13. Cold Weather Observations

    Prellis: i got ~12k from rears while fronts were still in a very good shape. So I decided to replace just rears to minimize the cost. Moving forward I'd like to get squared with lightweight aftermarket wheels. With Pirellis it was very easy to feel a dis balance when fronts and rears have...
  14. Cold Weather Observations

    Pirellis are pretty decent for the Summer, but just horrible for cold weather. I'm still on them, but will not buy them again.
  15. Power Pack pinging/detonation poll

    I tried this - replaced pcv pipes with breathers. Jesus, not only this eliminated detonation, but the power gain was so noticeable - the car was spining in 3rd gear during acceleration! (I have Oem Pirellis in relatively cold weather for those who know what I mean). At this point I believe...
  16. Why did Ford rush the 2018 facelift?

    I'm lucky to feel nothing wrong with 15-17. I was buying mine when all info on 18 was already available to details and it was my conscious decision to get a 17. Design aside, pre 18 was better bang for your buck. I really-really like close gear ratios in manual transmission. Was really bored...
  17. What's up with ford performance?

    you'd install it and doscover your engine detonates with their tune, and then again you get no help. so this could be a good thing that you can't install.
  18. Quietest aftermarket catback

    I've been using it for around 3 years and no issues. Overall material quality is very good. The exhaust is very shiny, maybe too much. Valve is blocking straignt pipe way and causes sound to go some round trip. Valve engine is located outside. You can remove it and in this case the valve can...