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  1. Splitter protection

    I have to agree with Caballus. I saw the same videos. Installed the same Sliplo. Had the same thought, except I questioned it even before I purchased. My poor excuse is the shop already had the product on hand, was providing a discount as the car was already in the air, so I shrugged and said...
  2. 2019 GT350 or 2014 GT500, and why? Pros/Cons

    Stock for stock.. the GT350 makes better use of everything it has to offer. I did really enjoy the time with my 14, the glass roof was fantastic, but trading it for my 20 CFTP, I don't miss it.
  3. GT500 - $10k over msrp

    Local dealership has been selling CFTPs for $50k+ ADM. And they have definitely been selling. Wife and I took a road trip; MSRP.
  4. Suntek vs xpel question

    The shop that did my PPF used knifeless tape to cut the majority of it. They showed me how it gets more uniform, invisible edges, and a safer process for the paint as a result.
  5. Suntek vs xpel question

    I had Suntek installed. Shop hand cut the film and tucked all the edges. My last Shelby had Xpel precut. Edges were exposed. I'll never go back to that.
  6. Blackvue DR900X-2CH dash cam install, operation & review on a 2020 Shelby GT500 CFTP! (video)

    Nice video. I went with the Thinkware U1000 but I cross shopped the Blackvue. I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  7. Cracks in Hood Support

    I wouldn't have found the cracks any time soon without this thread, so thanks. Mine are barely hairline cracks but I'm submitting it to Ford anyway. I've also adjusted my stops and like Tom said I'm able to just push down on the hood carefully to close it, no dropping required.
  8. 2020/21 Shelby GT500 Financing (Interest Rates)

    800+ credit score. Dealership said they could do 3.8%. I told them I had already checked with my bank (credit union) and could get 2.29%. Dealership came down to 2.19%.
  9. Has anyone previously owned the 2011-2014 Mustang 5.0 (any model)?

    I did buy another. 2013 Boss 302. Beyond the Exedy clutch going in for the high rpm lockout, no complaints. Looks great, handles great, sounds great. I actually enjoy it more than my 14 Shelby I sold for my 2020.
  10. Swapping Cup2s for PS4S... in below freezing temps? bad idea?

    You'll be fine in the dry. Just drive carefully.
  11. All season or winter tire choices

    Sometimes tires run bigger or smaller regardless of their size rating as you probably already know. I was just curious if the new AS4s were true to size.
  12. All season or winter tire choices

    Any pictures Tyler? I'm thinking about the same tires but 315/35/20 in the rear. I just hope they're not too tall, there isn't a lot of room there as it is.
  13. Exhibitions Of Speed - PYTHON GT500 Hood Vent Project

    How much is Joe Gatt asking for it?
  14. Random cylinder misfire, dealer is stumped.

    Hey guys. I've got a bit of a situation. Clue 1 - Brand new car arrives at the dealer. I asked them to check for some known issues during the PDI and I'll pick it up a week or so later. They said everything looks great. Drove the car back home 1000 miles. After the 100 mile mark I got into the...
  15. About to Pull the Trigger....

    I don't think any year will be devoid of issues but I imagine 2022 will be the least troublesome. That said, I had already put a deposit down for a 2021. The same dealer called and said they ended up with 1 additional allocation, it's a CFTP, we're offering it at MSRP. I decided to jump at it...
  16. Selling my 2020 base model GT500

    Capt, did it not meet your expectation and you just decided to let it go? Either way good luck with your sale.
  17. Protective Film or No Protective Film

    I can attest to this. Anyway, I would never try to convince anyone one way or another because at the end of the day it is just a car and just a hobby.
  18. Protective Film or No Protective Film

    Never heard of this or what that means really. The shop has done GT350s before and never had any issue. Besides, the shop offers a full satisfaction guarantee in writing and Suntek offers warranty as well that includes installation.
  19. Protective Film or No Protective Film

    I put PPF (Xpel) and ceramic coating on my 2014 Shelby. Five years later and 20k miles it still looked like it did on day 1. I took the car everywhere, it was not a cars and coffee only ride. I experienced no yellowing, washing was quick and easy, nothing stuck to the car, and everyone commented...