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  1. JWMGR8

    Cracked Windshield

    We moved from north side to south side Houston and in two years have had two windshields replaced 30 years on north side and one replaced........ safelit webster did great job on both windshields but I do think TxDOT COULD do better job of controlling construction mess I45 on south side is in...
  2. JWMGR8


    I added a couple of pictures very hard to see in photos because glass angle but you can see edge of liner in front hangs down about 1/2” to 3/4”+ the rear is typ both upper corners- you can see edge of liner
  3. JWMGR8

    What is Ford thinking ?

    Changing The antena falls in same catigory as changing hood scoops, or headlights, or instrument panel, or door locks, or lug nuts, or wheels, or paint colors, or tire brands or changing what is included in pre-packaged options??? who knows or cares??? unless it causes new problems? like Brake...
  4. JWMGR8

    Mysterious hairs width line in center of 2015 Interior Windshield

    In the old days some cars came with Radio antenna embeded in windshield?? I do not think thats done anymore. With all the sensors available today it is likely one of those, or it could be a Mustang intended for overseas that has some funky antenna stuff? or it could be it sends a signal to some...
  5. JWMGR8

    Any one Else have PMS today?

    No PMS here weather no issue, drive everyday if I want too. Only issues involve TxDOT construction and winshields $#%[email protected]@&*^
  6. JWMGR8

    Pirelli tires now on PP1 mustangs?

    WoW! interesting exchange. I just switched from stock 255 40R 19, 275 40R 19 to 275 35R 20, and 295 35R 20. Stocks are whatever version Michelins come on car new?? the big ones are Pirelli's a version of P ZERO either are really good. The stocks have 2448 miles and are for sale with the stock...
  7. JWMGR8

    How many GTs are Owned by Seniors?

    Another old big guy here! Has enough room for big guys, almost enough power to be fun, handles pretty good. Lots of parts available to make it your own. I've had 5 Covettes- Last was a C-7, really nice car, would have kept but not a good every day driver in Houston Texas and other places. I've...
  8. JWMGR8

    Strange request from the Ford dealership

    Who cares? Most new car dealers have insurance liability issues selling stuff with aftermarket equipment. could be they are worried about being blamed for selling something that does not meet local noise laws? I traded a mustang with tail lights darked out. The dealer had a hard time with that...
  9. JWMGR8


    The headliner was coming out of the door surround molding, but was repaired. Getting pictures of how it is coming down at the windsheild and rear window is hard because of the glare of the glass. It can be seen through the windsheold glass by naked eye with a little help from a flashligh t. The...
  10. JWMGR8


    I had McRee ford in Texas fix the headliner at the doors. It appears they did a good job. However, the liner is coming down at both the windsheild and rear window. McRee says this is "normal" and trying to fix it might create a bigger problem? I do not understand why a headliner which is coming...
  11. JWMGR8

    Senior S550 Owners Like Black Wheels?

    As you can see I have Powered Chrome Shelby Wheels. I really like Chrome , Powered Chrome or silver, or polished Aluminum> Might be because I am an old guy. I have the original Black Wheels and Tires in storage. They look nice but I will sell soon. I think it is nice there are many wheel options...
  12. JWMGR8

    Magnetic Metallic vs. Velocity Blue vs. Rapid Red

    I do not think its the color of the car but how the car looks with the wheels, trim, spoilers, etc. There are some really nice looking vehicles in this Thread.
  13. JWMGR8

    Which Mustang would you buy?

    2019 I'm not a fan of other peoples mods, plus generally the more after market mods the harder the car was driven??? I am a fan of newer if cost is not a factor? Black is awsome color, but really hard to keep clean looking- it shows every finger print?
  14. JWMGR8

    Should I refund my car? (Update: Got my refund)

    Walk away Plenty of better deals out there. Consider GT
  15. JWMGR8

    How many GTs are Owned by Seniors?

    Another Old Guy in Texas
  16. JWMGR8

    Anybody using clear bra on their cars

    yes I did not put on my C7 and after 20k miles I needed to repaint the bumper cover So I had it put on 2020 Mustang - to me it looks good on dark paint but can change look of light colors?
  17. JWMGR8

    What other cars did you consider before you decided on your Mustang?

    As an Old Guy who has owned bunches of cars and trucks My latest is a 2020 Mustang GT Premium PP1 coupe. I considered - A Bullitt, but no automatic available - A GT 350, but no automatic - A Camaro.... but you can't see out of it - Another Corvette, but I just sold a C-7 and the C-8 has the...
  18. JWMGR8

    Digital instrument cluster unit cooling fins

    Interesting design. There is a youtube video showing how this unit is the cause of dreaded dash noise. Not from a fan but the mounting is metal to metal and can create a bee buzz type noise on certain pavements. I've noticed in my 2020 GT I have the bee buzz at times. It is not consistent but it...