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  1. Stang55

    My APEX 19x11 Squared Mustang Build

    Yeah if it’s the sway bar bushings I’m gonna owe you one! Haha
  2. Stang55

    My APEX 19x11 Squared Mustang Build

    It could be, I’ll need to mount a GoPro in the near future and figure out which part it’s coming from
  3. Stang55

    2020 Shelby GT500 has arrived in Forza Horizon 4

    Gotta start up this game on my Alienware and check it out! 😍
  4. Stang55

    My APEX 19x11 Squared Mustang Build

    Swapped out the BMR Handling Springs for the Steeda Minimum Drop springs. Much smoother ride for daily use. I’ve been battling a noise my front end makes intermittently over speed bumps and just can’t seem to figure out what it is. These springs are softer which I can fully appreciate however it...
  5. Stang55

    5.0 50k miles overdue for oil change.

    Had a friend with a Mazda 6 who never changed his oil, he was like hey dude since you know so much about cars what’s this noise my car is making? Long story short we got him a refurbished engine, runs smooth as silk now. Changing your oil is cheaper than changing your engine. Just like changing...
  6. Stang55

    RACE RED S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Just picked it up from Cermaic Pro ™️ Annual maintenance. You pay to get it done once, and every year they reapply it free of charge as part of their lifetime warranty 👍😀
  7. Stang55

    Engine shake/vibration after clutch and trans install

    This is the most cost effective route. The OEM clutch and flywheel is the most affordable and plenty of people with normal bolt ons survive on them. Hope the problem will get fixed! :thumbsup:
  8. Stang55

    Base suspension + Sticky tires + Autocross = disaster?

    Minor mods go a long way, springs, max performance summer tires, good pads and the rest is enjoyment.
  9. Stang55

    10 Speed Auto or 6 Speed Manual, what say you?

    Whatever you end up with is what you'll end up using throughout the ownership of the car. Transmission conversions do not make financial sense as it is cheaper to trade it in than go through all that work and still a high chance of it being ghetto or not perfect.
  10. Stang55

    2020 GT350R Heritage Build Thread (Twin Turbo)

    Nice! Bet you can hit a 1:29 eventually with driver mod! :wink:
  11. Stang55

    If you could have any - one - car, what would it be and why did you choose it?

    Aston Martin Vantage AMR Manual Transmission - 503HP 461TQ 0-60 3.9 Seconds
  12. Stang55

    Ewheels Road Course Build

    I I like big willow, if you go off track you just do a little bit of off-roading haha. A lot of people wash out on the final turn where the turn sharpens, you just have to make it into two turns and you’ll hit the apex flawlessly
  13. Stang55

    Ewheels Road Course Build

    Nice! What was your top speed on the straight? What gear did you use going up the uphill off camber left turn before the Budweiser sign? And what was your average speed on the oval before lap is over? Curious lol
  14. Stang55

    2020 GT350R Heritage Build Thread (Twin Turbo)

    Nice! Keep it going very nice stuff 👏💯 Rest in peace PS2s LOL
  15. Stang55

    My car was involved in a hit and is being a real pain

    Not to mention possible jail sentencing for fraud as well.
  16. Stang55

    Engine shake/vibration after clutch and trans install

    Go for it man, nothing will beat the OEM flywheel in terms of smoothness, not to mention that vibration is slowly eating your transmission away. Only bad part is you cannot resurface it if you change the clutch but its not an expensive part per say. I would have thought the springs in the clutch...
  17. Stang55

    Mak cat delete performance pipe exhaust setup with magnaflow 12599 resonated X muffler

    Won't be that loud don't worry. Specially with a resonator it will sound tame, and there is no rasp with cat deletes either.
  18. Stang55

    Lethal Performances' guide to the perfect clutch for you!

    Same here I don't need a clutch yet, but I know where to go when its time for a new one :rockon:
  19. Stang55

    Lethal Performances' guide to the perfect clutch for you!

    Besides my OEM clutch failing I’ve had 3 clutch replacements on my car and 1 transmission replacement this was on a golf gti seriously over 10k just in drivetrain repairs I could have had a full on big turbo setup with the money. Each clutch was like 2600 with installation and the transmission...