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    Anyone else fed up with Consumers Reports?

    I use Consumer Reports for a lot of things but not for cars.
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    Hot chicks like black wheels?

    For me its 100% what I like since I'm paying for it.
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    Hot chicks like black wheels?

    The Centurion American Express Card?
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    My First Car Was...

    1963 Plymouth with a slant six. My Dad , who I bought it from, said it was a Special but could never find any evidence of it.
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    I put my son's college money in a my State's sponsored College Fund using their mutual fund option. Got a tax break on it also. Mutual funds spread out the risk much more than individual stocks.
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    Headlight condensation

    That leaking coolant on the floor removes all doubt. Had it happen to me once long ago.
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    Headlight condensation

    There is some plastic off gassing involved but the evap core could also cause that. I would really be worried about that if there is a coolant smell.
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    I DID IT!

    How did that happen?
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    Camaro SS, ZL1 not salable in California and Washington. Are GT, Mach I, and GT500 impacted?

    It might take awhile since they have their noses up everybody's butt.
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    S550 may be eliminated sooner rather then later...

    True. California will really be screwed since they have power problems already plus they want to ban gas cars in a few years. How oblivious can they be to the coming disaster when there are flashing warning signs already.
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    S550 may be eliminated sooner rather then later...

    True. The change to batteries is powered by the climate change and environmental crowd and any others who can make money off of the change and the consequences be damned until the new pet project comes along. Then it will start all over again.
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    S550 may be eliminated sooner rather then later...

    I remember when people were hating on SUV's and dealers would sell them at dirt cheap prices just to get rid of them. There were even reports of people burning them out of hatred. Times change.
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    [Locked due to politics] Student debt cancelation. Seems there are strong opinions against it from some.

    If you are dumb or "woke" enough to get a degree in Gender Studies or some other obviously useless field then you should be the only one paying for your stupidity. A big part of life is about making good choices of the options available to you.
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    O-Ring for drain plug on plastic oil pans

    Try Harbor Freight. I know they have an assortment of Viton O ring packs.
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    What's Your Profession?

    Ft Rucker. Mostly for the aircrews but some others go through sometimes.
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    What's Your Profession?

    Retired from USDA and Military and then spent 6 years as military contractor in the Army SERE program.
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    Random thoughts.......................

    I guess it depends on if you have a cat unless you just like having toilet paper all over the floor.
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    Threat from Tire Bubble

    The question to ask yourself is how much is your life or someone else's life worth if this thing blows while going down the highway. Equipment failure is easy to avoid when you know the part to replace beforehand.