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  1. JCDriller

    Lethal race pipes no longer available?

    Man I installed mine last weekend, bolted right up and sound mean! I left the resonator because I didn’t want to cut the factory pipes. The race legs are awesome if you can find a set.
  2. JCDriller

    Who makes the best jacking rails for the 500?

    So it seems like it doesn’t really matter. Those KB seem nice, I can appreciate the extra effort that went into making them parallel with the ground. I’m probability leaning this way, level is best if I’m jacking the car up. were the steeds and KB rails the same length?
  3. JCDriller

    Who makes the best jacking rails for the 500?

    I need to get a set of jacking rails for my 500. Unfortunately I’m still crawling around on the floor to get under my gt500. I can’t wait to move to a home with a taller garage.
  4. JCDriller

    Look What Brown Santa Brought

    Got mine today too, corner of my box was damaged but all contents looks good. They probably send these out in batches.
  5. JCDriller

    Digital to analog instrument cluster?

    I agree. It’s so much more useful than analog would be. To maintain the ability to change ride, exhaust, steering, HUD, etc. it will still have to have a small screen between analog needles, so what’s the point? It wouldn’t be purely analog anyway. Im guessing most people who feel this way...
  6. JCDriller

    2020 GT500 Registry - Add Yours

    my vin is 1FA6P8SJ4L5504347
  7. JCDriller

    2020 GT500 Registry - Add Yours

    mine is 4024
  8. JCDriller

    1st Mods on 2020 GT500

    I just finished installing my Mark Boris inspired front camera. I used the Naviks 1312 and the same Nakita camera. Mark was kind enough to answer my questions on the backside and sent me the shop manual. This wasn’t a hard install, but it did take about 14 hours to hidewires and install this in...
  9. JCDriller

    World's First Twin Turbo 2020 GT500 | VIDEO INSIDE!

    I have a 900+ RwHP 4.6 DOHC 76mm turbo saleen and while it’s fast it’s not as fun to drive as my 750 RWHP terminator with a 2.3 TVS because of the punch in the guts that supercharged engine produced. My Shelby doesn’t feel near as fast as my terminator. I always loved that instant crazy torque...
  10. JCDriller

    Velocity Blue & Window Tint

    I don’t have a photo yet but when the snow lifts and the salt clears I’ll be getting mine done in 35% ceramic on all windows and 50% on the windshield. I did this on my 97 and it looks great! I can’t see much difference at night with the front window tinted and that’s with the old 97 crappy...
  11. JCDriller

    1st Mods on 2020 GT500

    I finally got my car out of the detail/ppf shop jail. My first mod was full suntek ultra wrap and ceramic. Some Bemaro, JLT, Jaeger Brothers and Sliplo products were installed soon after for additional protection.
  12. JCDriller

    2020 GT500 Total Units Built - By Color

    How is velocity blue so low? I assumed because of its magnificent beauty it would be ~5000 of the 5860 cars built! Those numbers must be off...
  13. JCDriller

    Anyone have there Hood Vents covered in PPF ? ? ? ?

    suntek ultra film, with gtechniq North America halo ppf ceramic. It was pre cut on a plotter and then laid down by my detailer. EDIT: actually I’m assuming it was precut because the rest of the car was, I’ll ask him tomorrow about the vent specifically
  14. JCDriller

    Advanced Wheel Locks - GT500 CFTP Wheels

    Glad you cross posted this. I reached out to them last night about ordering some, hoping to talk to them today. These do look like the best wheel lock option and like you, I’d have to replace them all.
  15. JCDriller

    Advanced Wheel Locks - GT500 CFTP Wheels

    This is great, I just reached out to them about buying 20. You really should cross post this in the GT500 section of the forum. I know I don’t want my 24K set of wheels going missing!
  16. JCDriller

    CFTP spoiler anti-theft bolts

    Little slow on the draw, RichGT350R beat you to it...
  17. JCDriller

    CFTP spoiler anti-theft bolts

    Man, I’d like to be able to take the car out on date night or for a weekend in the city without having to stress. I’m about to order some SV-107s and Toyo r888r tires for all 4 corners, but then thought about the spoiler. I guess I could take it with me when I check into the hotel.... hahaha.
  18. JCDriller

    CFTP spoiler anti-theft bolts

    Does anyone know of a anti-theft bolt that would work for the CFTP spoiler? Seems like it could walk off extremely easy....