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    Checking Oil w/Ford Performance Oil Separators - PITA

    Here's some information to answer the question in another forum post.
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    2016 GT350 burning a quart every 300-400miles

    BTW the cutoff for at least one of these 2 options is 41 months of ownership which you are either coming up on or past. A $0 deductible for the best plan is between $2500 and $3000 to extend the warranty to 8 years and 48K or 60K miles.
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    2016 GT350 burning a quart every 300-400miles

    Agree not normal. I found the following searching the forum: I bought my 2017 GT350R used in November 2018 with 3,500 miles on it. I noticed a lot of soot on the tailpipes and it always blew an excessive amount of black soot on cold starts. I started monitoring oil consumption at 4,000 miles...
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    Brake squeal fixed. Solution.

    Hey OP. Do you know what he used? You stated "some king of spray coating." Can you find out and post? Thx!
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    Checking Oil w/Ford Performance Oil Separators - PITA

    Yep sorry.....meant driver's side is unnecessary.
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    Checking Oil w/Ford Performance Oil Separators - PITA

    Also agree that in 3K miles the passenger side hasn't had any oil so it can be removed.
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    Checking Oil w/Ford Performance Oil Separators - PITA

    I have both FP Oil Separators and use a headlamp to see the hole for the dipstick. Works great. Can buy a cheap on on Amazon.
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    In Search of Shadow Black 17+ GT350

    Who buys a GT350 and in 2+ years puts only 540 miles on it? I can't stop looking for reasons to take the car out......there's not a warm / sunny day where I don't think about taking it for a drive.
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    Gt350 carbon fiber steering wheel

    Nice work. Looks great!
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    Experience with Service Department

    I had a similar experience here is Austin. I bought my from a dealership in KS. There's only 1 decent dealership here of 3 so I had to schedule 2 months out. The dealership here prioritizes based on the service being scheduled.
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    '19 GT350 engine replacement

    My hope with the S550 GT350 is that the push to go all electric - for example, California's mandate to sell all alternatively fueled vehicles by 2035 - will make these cars more desirable over time given that it is most likely the last NA, big V8 Shelby Mustang ever produced.......and folks like...
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    Is there a "best" Year GT350 to Buy?

    Agree with @key01 that you should factor in an extended warranty if you plan on keeping it for a while. I believe - and I may be wrong - that buying a car under factory warranty is preferable when looking at purchasing a Ford ESP.
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    Is there a "best" Year GT350 to Buy?

    The car being properly broken in and taken care of is more important than model year. Factor in color, options, price, etc. and that's the best car for you.
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    Experiences with dryers

    I've been using the Adam's version for about a year and it works well. I like that it hangs on the wall and has a 30' plus hose , rubber tipped nozzle and heated. Upside is that it's touchless - works well on wheels, mirrors, other...
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    Long Distance Drive (1600 miles)?

    Agree that I would try to ship it if at all possible. If I decided to drive it back to NY I would PPF locally (per @lenFeb above) but you should have the car properly detailed and paint corrected prior to PPF so you don't PPF over paint / rock chips that should be corrected. Also agree with...
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    New member introduction

    Welcome Brian! I've had my HEP for about 10 months. I live in Austin (Leander) so if there's anything I can do for you let me know. Enjoy the ride......
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    Oil consumption then not

    How much oil consumption the first 10K?
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    Oil consumption then not

    I may be having the same thing. No oil usage until after first oil change at 1100 miles. I followed the recommended break in and other than some hard pulls after 2000 miles (nothing past 6500 RPM) the car hasn't been driven hard. I also shifted to Amsoil 5W-50 at that oil change. Between...
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    Deep Sleep Mode

    I love my GT350 but it is quirky AF between the random noises it makes, messages I get on the FP app, etc. The latest is that I keep getting messages that the car is in Deep Sleep mode and that I need to manually turn on the car to deactivate this mode. Per the FP app, Deep Sleep mode is...