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  1. 2021 Mustang Build & Price Now Online

    Its still not 100% accurate. I noticed a few things missing or weird, like not being able to add the performance/handling package for the mach1
  2. Official Resonator Delete Thread

    Yea, but youll need to use strong clamps to compress the gt350s pipe onto the the 5.0s pipe (3in to 2.5in)I learned from my mistake, I compressed it as much as possible then welded it to be safe, 30min later I took a 11hour drive. Pure heaven :love: :headbang: Youll also need to wire a switch...
  3. If you have aftermarket exhaust and never drove with the back seats down...

    As nice as it is to hear the bass, I really dont listen to the radio much any more. That happened on the greatest day of my gt's life, the day I installed the gt350s exhaust. I usually drive around with one seat down and boy does it sound like heaven. But I didn't realize how wonder full I'll...
  4. OEM Exhaust Videos and Resonator Delete

    I cant get enough of your video, keep on replaying it and a constant smile stays on my face. It might be difficult but see if you can make a video of both the before and after with each run. For instance, the 4k rpm run before then after, again 6k rpm run before/after so we can try to tell how...
  5. Brake Squeal - Do you have Brembos?

    I've always have had that problem as 68fbjjz109 mentioned, the first time it occurred was when I was driving aggressively going to work on a rainy day, after work when I drove off it constantly made that noise without applying the brakes :doh: made me paranoid :frusty: (brand new car with no...
  6. American Muscle RTR Upper/Lower LED Grill Install + Pics (PIC HEAVY)

    It would have been cool if it was to light up green with the guard. Similarly to the RTR reflective grill.
  7. Unknown rattle HELP

    Sound like the headlight bazel, while you're driving and you notice the noise push on the bazel to see if it goes away. If it does take it to the dealer, their is a tsb for the repair.
  8. Headlamp bezel rattle question

    I've notice it but not often and like you said, it's less noticeable
  9. Comment by 'Mu5tang' in media 'IMG 2160'

    What spoiler is that?
  10. stock exhaust getting louder?

    I've notice everytime I get back from a long trip (600-700 miles each way) the stock exhaust seems to get louder. Before my last trip I took my coworkers advice and installed a cold air intake (roush) and now it feels like it doesn't have as much back pressure as it used to (when you let of the...
  11. FREE!! OEM EXHAUST GT 5.0,in CT

    What part of CT?
  12. M6G GIVEAWAY CONTEST: BMR Suspension CB006 Front Chassis Brace!

    Haven't done any mods but hoping to start now
  13. Quick PCV question!

    This is a GIF, pay attention to the the throttle position
  14. Revs slow to drop

    Had the same problem with my Manuel GT when I first got it. Everytime I upshift, the car would buckle. Then I started to pay attention to the RPM and notice the car is designed to hold the next gears RPM for a few seconds. You can try by accelerating then when you want to upshift hold the clutch...
  15. Small Gas Tank

    I'm averaging about 10mpg now that I drive purely city driving (live in the heart of nyc), but when I first got the car I took 2 long trips out of the city and it averaged 23mpg mix of 30% highway and 70 city
  16. Whats the coolest feature you didn't know your car had?

    I had the Subaru BRZ and when I would try to step off the clutch without giving it gas, it would stall(or at least wouldn't move much). Hence why im glad ford adapted "Creep mode" on the Mustang which is very handy when you drive in stop and go traffic alot. The coolest feature I come to find...
  17. Whats the coolest feature you didn't know your car had?

    There is to many things to learn when it comes to all the features the car has. When you go to the setting, go to the clock tab and turn the temp setting on.
  18. Breaking necks/compliments

    Thats like saying the boss 302 is a great looking car and gets lots of attention but not even close to what my shelby gt500 got
  19. Breaking necks/compliments

    It's funny how I had a NYC bus driver pull up to me and out of nowhere she just stuck half of here body out the window to complement the car. Which dash cam are you using, I'm looking into getting a new one.
  20. 2015 Owners-Biggest Surprises/Disappointments so far

    I'm having the same problem and think it's that the wheels are wide and picking up debris onto the body, I'm looking into getting mud guards but don't seem to find any