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  1. Road-tripped the new car home! + hail dent, owner's supplement, and winter tire Qs

    Congrats on the new ride..Love the color combo. I wouldn’t be too concerned about the dents. A good shop should be able to make those disappear. My wife’s Escape had over 60 dents from a hail storm and after dent removal there was no evidence that they had ever been there. As long as there is no...
  2. Upper strut mounting bolts/nuts

    Great. Thanks for the quick reply.
  3. Upper strut mounting bolts/nuts

    If I loosen the 3 upper strut mount nuts: - Do they need to be discarded and replaced with new? - Do I need to apply thread locker when re-tightening? Thanks
  4. My GT350 Spare Tire Solution

    If you want to go with the 3 inch spacer, I have a spare one. PM me if you are interested.
  5. GT350 needing new tires at 2k miles. Should I be concerned?

    Not only the gap....but what's the deal with the green valve stem caps?
  6. My GT350 Spare Tire Solution

    Yes...Excellent idea as that would work perfectly. Thanks!
  7. My GT350 Spare Tire Solution

    I have the AA spare setup for my R...You do need to have the 3 in spacer on the front. Open ended lugs won't help because once you mount the spacer, which has its own set of studs for mounting of the spare, you would have the R studs protruding through if the spacer was too thin. You would not...
  8. Alignment Shops in Raleigh, NC area...

    Any local members here that can recommend a good alignment shop for our cars in the Raleigh, NC area? Thanks
  9. Picking up my new 19 GT350R in orange fury! Couple questions I need your help with please.

    Congrats on the awesome ride...Ditto...driving the 15 miles will do no harm ..or just bring a low profile floor jack with you and jack up each corner to the point where enough compression is relieved, reach in and remove...really simple
  10. GT350 threw a wrench code during test drive??

    Could also result from low battery voltage...Did they happen to jump start it prior to you driving it due to car sitting too long in their showroom?
  11. 350R Wheel Question

    Thanks. Appreciate the help.
  12. 350R Wheel Question

    I know I can just try this, but before I waste the effort...Does anyone know if the front wheel/tire combo on an R will fit on the rear? Asking because I have a spare front that I want to keep as a universal spare. Thanks