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  1. traxiii

    Rumor: S650 Mustang 4-Door Sedan Will Debut in 2022 with 3 Engine Options

    Go look at the website and you'll see Mustang and Bronco are now nameplates, sort of like Mercury and Lincoln but without a corresponding "Ford" version. It would not surprise me to see 3 or 4 Mustang and 3 or 4 Bronco nameplate vehicles each. I suppose if they ever built a 4 door...
  2. traxiii

    First mods to your Mach 1

    Hood Struts and Resonator Delete/X-pipe Then in a year its time for a full color change to DHG
  3. traxiii

    Why the Mach1 is a rip off

    The only people that have no issue with prop rods don't do their own work. The first change/upgrade I make to all my cars is getting rid of those prehistoric, ugly pains in the @ss. You keep it if you like it, fine with me.
  4. traxiii

    As of 3/1, Beefcake will phase out all offroad headers. :(

    No way anything cars do would make that big a difference, they are a tiny percentage of pollution now a days. The CARB EO system is a money grab scam for the most part.
  5. traxiii

    Mach 1 delivery videos

    Did you see the horrible panel gaps around the hood? :)
  6. traxiii

    Why the Mach1 is a rip off

    You've never hit your head on it or knocked it out with your elbow? And it takes two hands to open and close, Prop rods SUCK!
  7. traxiii

    Why the Mach1 is a rip off

    You forgot Manual Trans Oil Cooler and Differential Oil Cooler and pretty Mach1 stickers and badges everywhere but the steering wheel, and just the fact that Ford finally included an option for the A10 trans in a track focused Mustang.
  8. traxiii

    Mach 1 Pricing = Invoice - 2%

    Ouch! It does seem that a huge percentage of gen 1 Voodoo engines have failed. I ran into a guy in my bank's parking lot with an amazing looking 350R. He told me almost everyone in his Shelby group here in Silicone Valley has had their original engine replaced by Ford, and it was no big deal...
  9. traxiii

    Mach 1 Pricing = Invoice - 2%

    I'm not saying that, I'm saying the price will be the main limiting factor, not that people won't want, and buy it. I am still planning on buying one early next year, mainly because it is the most trackable A10 Mustang (my wife wants to drive it, and I want her to be able to) made to date, and I...
  10. traxiii

    Mach 1 Pricing = Invoice - 2%

    Its "limited" by the price, $60K for a Mustang.
  11. traxiii

    5.0 50k miles overdue for oil change.

    An old mechanic showed me years ago that the best hand cleaner to get rid of grease and grime is fresh clean motor oil, it cuts through all that junk. Then you just wipe it all off with a rag. Fresh oil will break down the sludge to some extent, but that might not be a good thing if it breaks...
  12. traxiii

    5.0 50k miles overdue for oil change.

    After 50k miles over 4 quarts evaporated or turned to sludge. Its amazing that it was still running at all with 3 or 4 quarts all that was left circulating through the engine. Your bearings and cylinder walls probably look like crap if you were to open things up.
  13. traxiii

    Mach 1 as Weekend Car?

    Yeah, like 325 days a year here in CA, which is getting to be the only good thing about the "Golden" state.
  14. traxiii

    CD Player

    Not making fun of your CD preference, I am with you, as I have hundreds of them and the sound is much better than streamed off my iphone. The only drawback is the space they take up. I've even bought all the CDs I could get of my favorite BAND-MAID!
  15. traxiii

    Ford Website FINALLY updated but.....

    Do they even sell Mustangs in Bangalore? Guess they'd be RHD if they do.
  16. traxiii

    CD Player

    First thing I'm gunna do when I get my Mach1 home is install an under dash 8 track player man, they're coming back like a bad case of athlete's foot.
  17. traxiii

    First deliveries?

    Yeah, I've seen that exact picture with different names on the building. Heck I've seen it with different cars in front of the fake building.
  18. traxiii

    Grill Fog Lights

    Oh, BS, you're a CHiPpie from Sacramento, home of the CHiPs. Just kidding. There are some really stupid things in the CA vehicle code, two that apply here are the minimum height for fog lights of 12", and not being able to use them without your headlights on. Fog lights work best mounted as...
  19. traxiii

    5.0 50k miles overdue for oil change.

    An ex-girlfriend of mine Killed a 1985 Mustang GT convertible before we ever dated. She had been given it, brand new for her H.S. Graduation along with a UNOCAL credit card, but nobody told her anything about cars. She proceeded to drive it for 2 1/2 to 3 years only adding oil when it was low...
  20. traxiii

    Ford Authority website says Mach 1's heading to dealers this week.

    There are an awful lot of Mach 1s listed for sale on that look like stock orders, probably made many months ago? Of course as of yesterday, there were zero pictures and only about half had window stickers posted.