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  1. Warhead

    MMD GT350 Style front lip

    It's more like it flattens out, kind of an optical illusion where it seems like it turns upward. I like how it squares up the front a bit and extends things, also it doesn't extend low so less curb issues than some designs.
  2. Warhead

    MMD GT350 Style front lip

    I just installed this on my 2015 EcoBoost Premium (not performance pack) and the install went well, with a couple of things you discover along the way. 1) The belly pan is not going to connect to this chin spoiler in 6 places, so it's 2x3 spots on left and right 2) It still feels sturdy to me...
  3. Warhead

    Ecoboost European trunk decklid (boot) emblem

    Yes, I found one from a fellow forum member outside of the USA.
  4. Warhead

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Finally had a cool day here in sunny SC, since going Steeda tuned on my 2015 Ecoboost. Did my usual backroad pulls and hit a 4.8 secs 0-60, and 13.5 secs 1/4 mile. I was 5.2 0-60 with my previous Bama tune, and 14 secs 1/4 mile. Feeling good, even if it's just me smiling to myself on a...
  5. Warhead

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Installed the new logo backing vinyl from Zombie, replaced the FedEx sticker I had been using (went with yellow for now)
  6. Warhead

    Spacer size with stock 18x8 wheels

    I have an opinion based on experience, the 1.5" will poke out by .5" but the 1" will sit flush very nicely!
  7. Warhead

    Shout out for Custom Car Grills

    I bought raw materials from him and also had a perfect experience. i have had people do a double take when i tell them it's not factory but hand-made by me. I used the GT perforated mesh for this.
  8. Warhead

    Coolest Interior/Exterior mod you've done

    Had my dash cover painted gloss white, to go with the White Madness shifter, 10" 3M stripes, etc.
  9. Warhead

    Finding running factory tune between custom tunes to be a better result?

    Shifts were soft for weeks until I ran the factory tune for a while, then reloaded the Steeda tune and it has been a dream ever since in any mode at any throttle etc.
  10. Warhead

    Finding running factory tune between custom tunes to be a better result?

    The shifts were not, though. At heavier throttle just in regular drive mode (auto) it was noticeably soft.
  11. Warhead

    Finding running factory tune between custom tunes to be a better result?

    I ran the factory tune for 10,000 miles, then tuned with BAMA for the next 10,000. I had done a revision in between, and at times had jumped between the 93PERF and 93RACE tunes. I purchased the Steeda email tune, briefly ran the factory tune (like a 10 minute drive) and then loaded the Steeda...
  12. Warhead

    Warhead's 2015 EcoBoost Deep Impact Blue

    Installed black mirror covers from eBay, matches the Track Pack spoiler nicely.
  13. Warhead

    Anyone recommend a big spoiler that doesn't look too silly?

    I love the Track Pack spoiler, it's nicely sized but not crazy and follows the lines of the car better than any other in my opinion.
  14. Warhead

    A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    It might be interesting to note if the new part # has changed this time around, when I had mine done recently I was told by the service adviser the part # had changed.
  15. Warhead

    Most overdone exterior mod?

    Blacking out emblems is the most common one I see on the road.
  16. Warhead

    What tires are you running on your Stang

    255/4518 Michelin Pilot Sport AS3+ on 18x9" wheels, and loving it. The AS3+ is truly the best of both worlds for comfort and grip.
  17. Warhead

    Gloss black mirror covers

    Looks great to me.
  18. Warhead

    Gloss black mirror covers

    One thing I will say though about my experience with these, the passenger side very outer area pulls away from the natural shape of the mirror cover very slightly. The driver side you could not ask for a better fit. The passenger side is acceptable, but maybe their mold is slightly off as it...
  19. Warhead

    Gloss black mirror covers

    Wow, yours look like they came out great! I did end up getting the passenger side straight, I had to use rubbing alcohol while prying the cover off, to let the alcohol break the tape apart which worked great. When I did the re-install I followed the following link's instructions on mounting...