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  1. Pilot AS4 vs ContiExtremeContact DWS

    Put on Conti after wearing out a set of PS4's. They are loud, bite well but a very weak sidewall. After a WOT start and letting off at 70-80 mph the rear of the car would squirm back and forth. Found them to be a waste of money. Sold them and back to AS4's. Much better all around tire!
  2. Best Performance Motor Build Shops

    In my area lots of cars come out of Liverions Ford. They build motors, sell parts, and offer tuning.
  3. Northeast Ohio s550's

    Love your color! What roll bar does your car have? Who did the install also?
  4. Procharger Education

    Has anyone found a way to have the boost come in gradually from the procharger vs boost or no boost? Seems a proportional valve could be used to add boost at lower throttle openings and just add until full boost at WOT.
  5. Procharger Education

    Getting ready to install a PX1 stage 2 on my 2015 GT conv with 3.55 axle and 27.6" rear tires. Going with a custom tune for 93 octane and 650 rear wheel hp. If I go WOT from a dead stop in normal drive mode and traction control on what would the car do? Smoke the tires or would traction...
  6. Looking for a reliable shop

    I have just talked to Big 3 Racing in Cleveland. My car requires a new pinion bearing and they had no issue doing the repair. In fact I think of adding a supercharger and my have them do the install. I had used CRT in Norwalk in the past past Jeff closed his shop. He felt I would be very...
  7. Dealers with 2021 mustangs

    My local Autonation Ford dealer had a Shelby GT 500 in grabber Orange. Sticker on the window was $103,000 and they added a few items for $22,000. I could swing the check but would have to work an extra year before retiring. I had no idea how much the Mach1 would cost. Purchased my 2015 GT...
  8. Ford Performance Mustang GT 5.0L Touring Axle-back Exhaust System Black Tips

    I had those on 2015 with stock resonator and stainless works long tube headers with cats. I was loud the first 10,000 miles and when I removed them at 20,000 it had gotten so loud I needed ear plugs on long trips at higher rpm. Running 85-90. Removed and installed Boral touring with their H...
  9. SC for Daily Driven '19 A10: Whipple or Vortech ?

    I for sure looking for the sleeper car and do enjoy low end power. My pinion bearing is howling at 21,000 miles so it does need repaired. If a Whipple is installed should I drop the rear gear from the current 3.55 to 3.31 or higher?
  10. SC for Daily Driven '19 A10: Whipple or Vortech ?

    Do you find the power is controllable with the Whipple? Does the stock traction control still function with the SC installed? And does the adaptive cruise control still work with the SC? Lots of questions!
  11. SC for Daily Driven '19 A10: Whipple or Vortech ?

    I have a 2015 A10 3.55 gears., GT 350 axles with Gt 350 intake and TB, Long tubes headers with cats. Ready to make it a fun daily driver but still want to go on long all day trips on the expressway. Torn between the Procharger stage 1 or Whipple Stage 1 Will have a shop install and tune...
  12. Towing experience needed - do I have enough truck?

    Your F150 would be working hard pulling a large box trailer. The frontal area makes a big drag and the added weight would be felt. If you stay around 55 on two lane roads it would be ok. Getting up past 70 mph and if you get into hills or mountains it would be to much. Had a F150 and a horse...
  13. Magneride spacers

    Buy the length stud you need and take it to a shop to press in the new stud. Or you can buy front hubs with studs and install your self. Lots of issue with bolt on spacers you could end up with some problems. Good Luck
  14. Coyote Stroker Kits

    Swap a new 7.3 gas motor in the car?
  15. Value/worth of my used aftermarket rims before listing

    50% of retail is all I would pay for used rims.
  16. Exhaust system for verts

    Drove it last night with the Boral touring cat back including their resonator with built in H pipe internals. It turned out perfect! Still has lots of bark under hard acceleration and WOT. But at normal cruising speeds up into the 80's you can still hear the exhaust note but it is not...
  17. Best all-season tire for staggered setup?

    Anyone have experience with the PS4S All Season? They are more costly than the PS A/3S+ and seem to have more performance capabilities. Not as many sizes but I found a 19' that would work.
  18. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Installing GT 350 half axles and new rear bearings. The right bearing is getting loose and whining. Also installing Boral touring exhaust cat back. Have Stainless works long tubes with cats and want to soften the exhaust note. After 5 years my cat backs mufflers have pretty much blown out...
  19. Exhaust system for verts

    my 2015 GT auto 3.55 gears Vert has stainless works long tube headers with cats, stock tubing and ford resonator, and Ford Touring Axel back mufflers. the system is 4 yrs old with 20,000 miles and it is getting louder but recently has developed a terrible drone between 2200 and 2500 rpm. So...