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  1. rancid

    Sell your car online?

    Sold my wife's Hyundai to Carvana, was by far the easiest thing I've ever done when dealing with a car. Did all the paperwork online, guy showed up and was gone in less than 10 min.
  2. rancid

    It had my name on it ................

    congrats, if you didn't end up on your head I'd say you made out good. I want a GT350 really bad for the manual, be probably going to hold out for the new refresh of the GT.
  3. rancid

    Corsa Performance x Lethal Performance Double H-Pipe Vs. Double Hexlix X-pipe Review

    I appreciated this video, unfortunately my headphones did not.
  4. rancid

    Georgia Looking to trade my 3” ATAK for corsa sport

    Hey man, I live in Atlanta area and interested in buying if the price is right, if you are open to outright selling shoot me a PM with price.
  5. rancid


    Still sounds raspy :( Thank you for taking the time to make a video.
  6. rancid

    The Succesor to MMFF

    ah the good old days before the internet and 250rwhp 2V builds were a thing.
  7. rancid

    Fun thread - How manual manual drivers reach for stick or clutch in an auto?

    I've had more manual cars than autos and I constantly rest my hand on my gear selector in automatic cars.
  8. rancid

    Are you gonna trade your current mustang in when the s650 comes out?

    Just got my 19GT to hold me over, even when the new models come out I like to wait until the second revision for improvements to the platform.
  9. rancid

    To stock or not to stock....?

    Typically you will get very little to no money for your mods if you trade it in to a dealer. If your time is worth the amount you have on the car, take them off and sell here on the forums.
  10. rancid

    Exhaust system for verts

    Yes, but unless they corrected them recently I've read fitment can be hit or miss on the convertibles.
  11. rancid

    Do I part with my 2016 Mustang GT Lightly Modded?!

    IMO unless you plan on keeping a car at least a year after paying it off, you probably should have traded it in sooner if you wanted a new car. I would keep the mustang and put the money you were paying on it in savings and have a nice down payment on something else this time next year.
  12. rancid

    Digital Instrument Cluster go blank?

    Hey guys, My 2019 GT had this happen today. I was at a light and took off normally and the cluster shut off for about 3-5 seconds and then popped back on. This is a huge safety issue and needs to be fixed. I am going to take the car for an oil change and get it documented by the service writer.
  13. rancid

    Going back to an S197 a bad idea?

    I miss my 2013 Shelby for how raw it was, but the 2019 is much nicer on longer trips.
  14. rancid

    Does getting a 20 when you have a 15 auto make sense?

    If your 15 is paid off, why not look at another brand muscle car to compliment the mustang? I wouldn't trade the 15 in until the next Mustang refresh.
  15. rancid

    GT New Stainless H-Pipe $140 delivered

    Thanks, hadn't had my coffee yet and completely overlooked it. :)
  16. rancid

    GT New Stainless H-Pipe $140 delivered

    What size is the hpipe? 2.5" or 3"?
  17. rancid

    Took delivery of a new 2019 gt350r last night. Here's how it showed up...

    OP if it makes you feel any better (won't) I bought a "dealer" C6 Z06 in Atomic Orange that had 1700 miles on it back in 2009. Dealership told me it was the GM's car and he traded up to a ZR-1 and at the time it was an incredible deal. The car was in Nevada and I live in the South so I had it...
  18. rancid

    New Navigation map update June 29th

    Thread is getting hard to follow, so has anyone gone from 1.17 to 1.19 without any issues? I haven't had time to mess with it, but if it is going to bork my voice commands I will just wait I guess and be out of $40.
  19. rancid

    Black Wheel Nicked...

    Scuffing one of my black wheels is a fear of mine, esp since my wife drives the car. It is inevitable, but when it happens I know I won't sleep at night until it is fixed.