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  1. mc68386

    Poly fill in a ported sub=some material getting blown out of sub enclosure

    You didn't use an old batch of asbestos poly fill, did you?:crackup:
  2. mc68386

    Hood Struts

    The struts have a 1 year warranty, so I figured that's how long they expect them to last. Interesting idea - maybe I'll see what they say.
  3. mc68386

    Hood Struts

    I have the Steeda rods and can't recommend them. The fit and finish are very good, but after about 2 years they started feeling pretty weak, and after 3 years they can't hold the hood up anymore. I expect more from a part that pricey. My 2005 Durango rear hatch shocks are as strong as ever after...
  4. mc68386

    B&O 10" sub replacement guide

    Amazing they "upgraded" from Shaker to B&O and now the consensus is that the B&O system is CR#P! Sounds like the B&O brand needs to be sh?tcanned wholesale. Even if they at one time made quality product, the fact that they put their name on this garbage shows they are charlatans.
  5. mc68386

    Magneride in the Hill Country

    Interesting post... but next time, eschew obfuscation!
  6. mc68386

    Paddle shifters disabled

    Thanks for the update. Glad you found the problem.
  7. mc68386

    Extended Warranty.. did you, or did you not?

    Wow you're easy to please. You shelled out for an extended warranty, Ford found a major issue and not only wouldn't cover it under your warranty but also charged you a deductible and "diagnostic fee" and you're a satisfied customer?
  8. mc68386

    2020 GT350 Engine Seizure at 206 miles!

    Way to kick a guy when he's down.
  9. mc68386

    Vibration between 50 & 70 mph - What fixed your problem?

    The dealer rebalancing the shaft per the TSB made it noticeably better. Later, replacing the tires with Michelin PSS once they wore out made another noticeable improvement. At this point I can still feel it at 51-54 mph, but if I never knew it was there I probably wouldn't notice it.
  10. mc68386

    Passenger side floor wet

    I don't have first-hand knowledge, but from what I've seen on the forums, water on the front floors seems to go hand-in-hand with the typical Mustang A/C failures. Still under warranty? Incidentally, you're the first person I've heard of cleaning their car in the period between when they arrive...
  11. mc68386

    Paddle shifters disabled

    Neither paddle (left or right) works? That probably eliminates the paddles themselves. Maybe try at a range of speeds and gears, both up and down. Do the horn/cruise control/steering wheel radio controls work? Did you try in both drive and sport mode? Maybe try with various nannys turned off...
  12. mc68386

    Radar Detector and Dash Cam Hardwiring to Rear View Mirror

    I had the same concern. I ended up wiring my V1 to the mirror and my BlackSys dash cam into a fuse box tap. Those wires in the mirror are pretty tiny.
  13. mc68386

    Power Pack 2 Hot air intake

    Cool solution. And if you get hungry, it makes Jiffy Pop!
  14. mc68386

    Ford dealership gives Bible, flag, AR-15 voucher to buyers

    Mod please move to off-topic Politics. :shock:
  15. mc68386

    Cobra driver charged with stunt driving in Hamilton ON.

    Was probably just trying to get Back to the <---Future :)
  16. mc68386

    Anyone else get this? Weird hesitation.

    I'm confused - I've never heard that the Ford PP2 supported E85. Did you get a separate tune to support this?
  17. mc68386

    Power Pack 1 + Clutch Spring

    I've had PP2 in my 2017 GT for a couple of years now. I live in Tucson AZ. I've seen IATs at 155F after sitting at a stop light in peak summer heat (let's say 110F ambient). But honestly I've never noticed any performance change due to IATs. It seems to run just as well in summer as in winter...
  18. mc68386

    Evolution of the Coyote engine

    tl;dr I skipped to the end - spoiler alert: Coyote is good.